Proof Collective Announces A European Tour Of Real Life Events

PROOF Collective has just announced a European tour for its members, (and additionally Moonbirds and Oddities holders) beginning this October. These IRL meetups will bring together the PROOF Collective members for an event that’s all about the blockchain, crypto, and NFTs of course! Read on to discover more about these upcoming IRL events.

poster of the proof collective's roadshow in europe this october
PROOF’s European “Roadshow” poster.

About the collective’s European Roadshow

The first stop on the PROOF Roadshow is Lisbon. On 7 October, holders will gather at Rove – an artistic hub and bar that describes itself as the “intersection between urban surf culture, gastronomy & art.” The second stop is Paris on 9 October, where the collective will meet at Candelaria, an authentic Mexican taqueria in the famous Le Marais district.

Following on, October 12th sees the PROOF Collective tour in Berlin, at Berlin’s Funkhaus. Finally, the roadshow ends in London, with several meetups planned between the 13th and the 15th of October at undisclosed locations.

What is the PROOF Collective?

The PROOF Collective is an exclusive token-gated NFT community with 1,000 dedicated NFT collectors and artists. The collective was responsible for the success of projects such as Moonbirds, Meebits and Oddities, and continues to keep an eye on the hottest NFT projects.

To join the the collective, you must hold a PROOF Collective NFT. The Genesis NFTs sold for 5 ETH each by Dutch auction upon their initial release. Nowadays, the collective’s NFTs are available on the secondary market. At present, the floor price on OpenSea is 54.9 ETH or $95,430.47 at the time of writing.

In addition to the European tour, there are whispers of an Australasian tour and several other events in the pipeline. These include the multi-day PROOF Of Conference, expected to take place in mid-2023.


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