Puerto Rican Flag Anniversary Gets Its Own Digital Sneaker NFT

Bobbito Garcia aka Kool Bob Love has partnered with Omar Acosta to drop 5 digital sneaker NFTs. Both of the Puerto Ricans have collaborated to celebrate the 126th anniversary of the Puerto Rican flag. Some of the proceeds from this drop will go to the La Borinqueña grants program, which aims to rebuild and revitalize Puerto Rico through child development, women’s health, environmental sustainability, and preserving the Afro-Puerto Rican heritage.

Art by Omar Acosta highlighting cultural touchpoints from the vast Puerto Rican history. Credit: OpenSea

The Digital Sneaker NFT Collection

The ARO1 Boriken Sneakers features 5 distinct 3D animated sneaker NFTs, all signifying different meanings. For instance, the “La Cancha” digital sneaker is a tribute to the Puerto Rican men’s national basketball team that beat the USA Dream Team in the 2004 Olympics. The creators only minted 5 of these gems, making it the rarest item of the collection.

Another highlight of this collection is the “Que Bonita Bandera” digital sneaker. This NFT pays homage to Puerto Rican history which includes the indigenous Taino people who lived on the island prior to colonization and are still present today. There are 130 of these NFTs and are selling at 0.07 ETH per piece.

This sneaker features snippets of the La Borinqueña comic book. Credit: OpenSea

The sale is ongoing on OpenSea and is set to end on June 16 2022. Prior to this drop, the Puerto Rican DJ has sold out all of his sneakers with Nike, Adidas, and Puma. Whereas Omar has produced successful projects for the likes of Mercedes Benz and Louis Vuitton. Therefore, we are not expecting anything less for their digital sneaker NFTs.

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