Rare James Dean Collectibles to release as NFTs on Ethernity

Ever wanted to experience what it would be like to meet your favourite late celebrities? Well, the original authenticated NFT (aNFT) company, Ethernity are steam rolling towards that quicker than one may assume. Ethernity haven’t made it to the stage where you can greet your celebrity fan favourite in your very own metaverse, but something somewhat close with their rare James Dean collectibles.

James Dean-Photo: AFP

Known for films such as ‘Rebel without a cause’. ‘Giant’ and ‘East of Eden’, Dean was a stable household figure in the 1950’s. He was the first actor to earn a posthumous Academy Award nomination for his role in the film The Valley of Eden (East of Eden). 

James Dean unfortunately met his fate at the ripe age of 24. An accident occured whilst driving his his mechanic. Dean and a 23 year old driver crashed head first into one another resulting in Deans death. Meanwhile, the 23 year old broke his jaw, but luckily survived. 

Rare James Dean collectibles

A partnership between CMG Worldwide and WorldwideXR cultivated the first ever officially licensed James Dean NFT collection. The collection contains more than rare James Dean NFTs. Also included, Dean’s estate. The collection offers an exact 3D replica of James Dean’s ‘little bastard’ porsche. This replica receieved authentication by James Dean expert, Lee Raskin.

Nick Rose, CEO and founder of Ethernity said: “We thrive off exploring opportunities to extend the legacy of legendary figures, and James Dean is a perfect fit for our great ambitions and endeavors.”


James Dean in 1955 on the set of Rebel ( Rebel without a cause ) of Nicholas Ray

Including, A James Dean 3D signed metal bust for all of your decorative needs. James Dean inscribed double-sided gold medallion for when you have to dress up for a dinner party. Sentimentally his last captured moment is in the collection. This understandably would be important for any major fan. Last but possibly not least, the famous James Dean Hollywood Star. 

The NFTs in this collection come with an unlockable, interactive, augmented-reality display built into the VueXR NFT video player chain. This gives consumers a way to experience their 3D NFT within their spatial environment, and in the metaverse.



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