Rarible Floor Bid Function Now Lets You Bid on a Whole Collection’s Floor

Yesterday, the leading NFT marketplace Rarible announced its latest platform feature: Floor Bids. This revolutionary function allows users to place bids for an entire NFT collection, allowing holders to accept the price.

The upgrade solves a common problem among collectors struggling to place dozens of individual bids for NFTs within the same collection. But how does it work?

With the push of a button, Rarible users can now place a bid on an entire NFT collection! Credits: Rarible

How does the Rarible Floor Bid feature work?

The Rarible Floor Bid function is very intuitive. Basically, users can select an NFT collection and select the “Place a Bid” for all of the digital assets included. Then, holders owning an NFT from that collection can see the bid and decide whether to accept the price or not.

Currently, the feature is available for all ERC-721 Ethereum collections. Why is this so useful?

Many times, users want to join a collection’s NFT community, support a digital artist, or simply love the artwork concept. If the desired NFT collection is too expensive, users start bidding for items with the lowest prices. This process can be frustrating and very time-consuming – and that’s when Rarible Floor Bids come in.

In essence, this innovative feature helps you find an NFT holder willing to sell their digital asset for the price you request.

The marketplace announced its upgrade via social media on January 3, receiving plenty of positive feedback. Credits: Twitter

Rarible starts off 2022 on the right foot

The Rarible Floor Bid function comes shortly after completing the Tezos integration started in late 2021. Although the process started in late 2021, the platform has recently moved on to the second phase.

As a result, users can now trade Tezos collectibles within the Rarible platform too, including Gemz, Tezzards, and more.

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