Real Life Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort is now an NFT Enthusiast!

Real-life Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort is now an NFT Enthusiast! The controversial trader expressed his astonishment at the NFT Space and vowed never to leave it. He even changed his profile picture to Cryptopunk #6033!

Belfort gained notoriety as an entrepreneur, former stockbroker and convicted felon. In 1999, he pled guilty and served 22 months for fraud crimes related to stock market manipulation and running a penny-stock scam. He published the memoir The Wolf of Wall Street in 2007, which was adapted into a film with the same name released in 2013. With Leonardo DiCaprio as the lead character, the Hollywood movie was a major blockbuster hit grossing $392 million in ticket sales.

The Wolf of Wall Street is now an NFT Enthusiast and proud owner of OG Collectible CryptoPunks. Credit: Twitter (@wolfofwallst)

Real-Life Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort: From Crypto Skeptic to NFT Enthusiast

In 2018, Belfort was very vocal in criticizing Bitcoin. In a Youtube video, he said that ″Bitcoin is all based on the Great Fools Theory. There’s no fundamental value, it’s all based on the next guy and the next. Get out if you don’t want to lose all of your money because … there’s a very good chance it’s going to crack.”

Earlier this year, though, Belfort changed his tune. He went from predicting that Bitcoin will crash into proclaiming that it will hit an ATH value of $100,000. Last week, Bitcoin set a new all-time high price when it hit $66,974 on Wednesday, Oct. 20. This latest surge coincides with the much anticipated first Bitcoin ETF debuting on the New York Stock Exchange this week.

Now it seems that Belfort has turned his attention to the NFT Space. After tweeting about NFTs and changing his profile picture into a Punk, he is now on the lookout for his next NFT purchase. It seems like he is now considering buying another bluechip NFT: Bored Ape Yacht Club. This is the logical step for someone with his level of liquidity. As of press time, BAYC has raised over $800 Million in tradeable NFT Volume and floor price has hit 35 ETH or almost $150,000.

It seems like Belfort is eyeing some Bored Ape NFTs for his next purchase. Credit: Twitter (@wolfofwallst)

Prominent Figures in the NFT Space

The NFT space is beaming with controversial and prominent figures. For example, the controversial Winklevoss twins acquired Nifty Gateway through Gemini in 2019, way before the NFT boom. It is now the world’s most exclusive NFT platform and putting digital artists like Beeple and Grimes on the map.

Meanwhile, Hollywood actress Mila Kunis created the Stoner Cats NFT series. The drop was so successful that the transaction volume clogged Ethereum Network and led to a major spike in gas fees. The NFT collection raised $8 Million after selling out in 35 minutes. 

Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan also fell in love with NFTs. Paris Hilton has listed some of the NFTs from her personal collection on auction house Sotheby’s new NFT marketplace, Metaverse. She also joined Origin Protocol as an Advisor and Investor. Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan is collaborating with The Canine Cartel NFT Project. Previously, she auctioned off Lullaby, her first single in a year, for $85,000 on Fansforever.

As the NFT industry continues to grow and push for mass adoption, expect to see some familiar names and crossovers!

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