Recon Rams Pixel NFT Project Sells Out, Reaches 50% Distribution –

The Recon Rams have descended from their home on high to fight and claim their piece of the Metaverse. The Rams are ready to ride but how many will have what it takes?

Recon Rams is a collection of 4246 rams ready to ride through the metaverse. We are a community-first project aimed at providing creators and builders the opportunity to make the important connections necessary to excel in the web3 space.

Getting a Ram is the easy part, fighting to the top of the leaderboard in the Ram Prix is where you become a legend. Only 150 people will be able to achieve this honor, but not everyone deserves a unique animated Elite Ram NFT. 

After the Ram Prix our missions will take the Recon Rams to uncharted locations that hold unparalleled dangers and rewards for those that succeed. You get to choose the missions that your Rams go on, and the potential treasures to bring back. Extra tokens, whitelist opportunities, metaverse items, and more could all be your reward if you’re brave enough to claim them.

The Recon Rams are an NFT project focused on helping their community to network and build in the NFT space. We will have many benefits for creators and people that want to get deeper than just looking at NFTs in their wallet. We hope to see you there.

Phase 1 — Mint of Initial Collection to Mint of Elite Collection

Our initial collection will consist of 5,990 Rams. These Rams will provide their owners with numerous utilities. One key utility to highlight is owning a Recon Ram will allow you to participate in the Ram Prix’s.

Phase 2 — Genesis to Minting Collection 3 — Token Launch / Missions –

Following the mint of our Elite collection, Recon Rams will launch a Token and Missions.

Phase 3 — Rams Community migrates from Hearthmount to expand into an immersive new Territory.

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