Reddit NFT PFP Feature Being Tested but It Seems to Resemble Twitter’s

It looks like Reddit might be hopping on the NFT PFP train. In fact, there is a widely circulating screenshot of what appears to be a Reddit feature allowing for NFT avatars. Of course, Reddit wouldn’t be the first social media platform to introduce such a feature.

Eagle-eyed Twitter user and app researcher Nima Owji found the test feature. Credit: @nima_owji via Twitter

Is Reddit following Twitter’s lead with possible NFT PFPs?

It looks like Reddit could be the next social media platform to officially integrate NFTs with its users’ avatars. As it turns out, 15-year-old app researcher Nima Owji found the NFT PFP feature on Reddit’s web app.

Reddit later told TechCrunch that it is only testing the feature, with no confirmation as to whether, or when, it might roll it out. Though it’s worth mentioning that Reddit has put out its own NFTs in the past.

This news of Reddit testing NFT PFPs comes hot on the heels of Twitter rolling out that exact feature last week. To clarify, Twitter users can now display their NFTs as their PFP by connecting the Ethereum wallet holding their NFTs to Twitter.

Now some may be confused as to what difference this makes. Especially given that people were already using NFTs as PFPs on both Reddit and Twitter.

Well, in essence, using the NFT PFP integration on Twitter changes the user’s PFP from the regular circle shape. So when you choose an NFT from your wallet, it appears within a hexagon shape.

In addition, clicking on one of these NFT PFPs brings up information about the NFT and its collection. This is thanks to an integration with OpenSea. Owji did find hints at OpenSea integration for the Reddit NFT PFPs as well. So it could allow Reddit users to see the same kind of info as Twitter users.

While NFT owners had waited quite some time for the feature, not everyone in the community liked the rollout. For one thing, users need to upgrade to Twitter Blue to use the feature. And then there’s the issue of a potential workaround that allows people to use NFTs they don’t actually own as their PFP.

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