Republic Realm’s NFT Museum is Opening in the Metaverse

Republic Realm, one of the largest and most active investors in and developers of metaverse real estate, announced the launch of their very own NFT Museum. The Metaverse hub will cater to gaming, sports, fashion, music and digital culture icons.

This is a natural progression for Republic Realm because they already have holdings in 17 metaverse platforms. In addition, they developed six metaverse real-estate projects and owns over 2,000 NFTs.

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Closer Look at Republic Realm’s NFT Museum

Janine Yorio, Republic Realm Managing Director, asserts that “owning NFTs is about being part of a tight-knit community.”  However, traditional investments funds don’t fulfill that basic human desire to connect with others or to have fun the way that joining an NFT community does. So they decided to launch their own Museum Collection to cater to this need.

Yorio explained that “curating NFTs and displaying them in a dedicated space in the Metaverse transforms the NFTs. From an investment strategy, it becomes a cultural hub that transcends geographic and socioeconomic borders.

According to the press release, The Museum Collection will be curated by experienced metaverse and NFT professionals and designed for sophisticated collectors. Republic Realm prides itself in using quantitative metrics to identify which NFTs will hold value. Aside from this, they plan to rely on the acumen of tastemakers and influencers in selecting NFT Project with growing communities.

The museum itself is an art piece. It was collaboratively designed by American designer and a Kazakh game developer. Republic Realm deliberately chose them as a cross-cultural nod to the international ethos of the NFT ecosystem.

Track Record

Republic Realm is a trailblazer in the Metaverse world. They also developed Metajuku, the first metaverse shopping mall with retail tenants and leases. Then they moved on to build Fantasy Islands, a luxury, master-planned real estate development in the Sandbox metaverse. Then they established Republic Realm Academy, the first online university set in the metaverse and accessible through tuition NFTs.

So they definitely have the expertise, credibility and track record to build a Metaverse NFT Museum.

Credit: Twitter (@joinrepublic_re

Virtual Real Estates

Real estate has always been categorically classified as a good investment because it represents a tangible asset and it appreciates in value over time. It is no different in the metaverse where the market for virtual real estate is exploding.

Project like Republic Realm’s NFT Museum further reaffirms that the market for virtual real estate is on the rise. The possibilities are endless because you can monetize them by showcasing a range of digital content. 

Metaverse enthusiasts compare the rush to buy virtual land to the scramble for domain names in the early days of the internet. There are currently a few thousand unique landowners on each of the main blockchain-based platforms like Decentraland and The Sandbox

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