Right Click Save Dude Still Doesn’t Get NFTs and Won’t Shut Up About It

Right Click Save vs. NFT owners. Currently, there’s a raging discourse that sometimes escalates into debates about the concept of ownership in the digital space.

Simply put, some NFT enthusiasts and collectors are willing to pay thousands of dollars to buy NFTs. Meanwhile, there are those who would argue that buying an NFT is senseless because you can just right-click and save a public image associated with an NFT.

Australian software developer Geoffrey Huntley is a hardcore believer of the latter. He even staged an “NFT Heist” by creating Torrent website NFT Bay. Basically, he right-clicked and saved all NFTs on the Ethereum and Solana Blockchain then gave everyone access. By all, we mean 16 Terabytes worth of NFTs!

After staging an NFT Heist, Geoffrey Huntley reiterates his take on NFTs. Credit: Youtube (@Coffeezilla)

Right Click Save Dude Shares His Take on NFTs

YouTube content creator Coffeezilla attempted to download the torrent but had to give because of the massive size of the file. He reached out to Huntley to try and work out an alternative. Then, he eventually arranged a conversation with the man himself.

Their conversation is now up on Youtube! Huntley made more points about NFTs that triggered the very passionate NFT Community.

Huntley opened his argument with a question: what do people think they are purchasing with NFTs? The top-of-mind answer is ownership and rights to digital content that anyone can trace and verify on the blockchain. In the grand scheme of things, that’s literally the kind of technology that NFTs offer. However, Huntley disagrees.

Huntley describes buying NFTs as one side is ‘selling a treasure map’ with direction on how to get to that treasure (treasure = art). And the other side thinks they are buying the actual treasure but what they’re really buying is just a treasure map on how to get to the treasure.

He says what drove him to create the NFT Bay project was hearing so many people say ‘the image is valuable because it’s stored on the blockchain’ and that’s not the case at all. It’s just a hyperlink, as he tells it. Someone buying an NFT is purchasing a piece of data and that data has a link to where the image (NFT) can be located. Hence, the analogy comparing NFTs to a treasure map.

As of press time, the video is trending on Youtube with over 300,000 views and rising. The discussion is heating up, so watch the full video to digest the full picture!

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