Riot Racers Play-to-Earn Dropping Drivers NFT Collection

Imagine a play-to-earn world where you not only play with but also own cars, mechanic shops, gas stations, billboard land, and racetrack land. Riot Racers, an upcoming play-to-earn car racing game is bringing all this and more to the NFT gaming space. Players will be able to own parts of the game as NFT assets.

Game Play

To participate in races, players choose a Driver and a Car, buy gas from a Gas Station, and then select a race specific to their Car’s racing class. There are a number of race strategies players can choose from to employ in the race, based on track conditions and other game variables.

After that, the game runs in the background and players watch the results play out afterwards. Winners of the race receive a portion of the prize pool, which is made up from the gas fees for that race. Winnings are paid out in $RIOT Tokens. First place earns 50% of the prize pool; second and third place split the other half of the prize pool.

Upcoming Drivers NFT Drop

The Genesis Drivers Collection consisting of 11, 111 playable NFTs will launch on December 1 for whitelist members and on December 2 to the public. Each Driver NFT will cost 0.07 ETH and the sale will take place om the Riot Racers marketplace. The drop will be in the form of a “Blind Drop,” meaning that you may get a super rare Driver or a common Driver. The details, such as type of Driver, skill traits and character traits, will be revealed about 24 hours after the drop ends.

There are four different types of Drivers: Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water, and visually they come in three main varieties; male, female and mecha. They will each have unique and different facial expressions, hair/hats, smoking, clothing, and more.

Driver NFTs have been created with awesome designs making them ideal for profile pictures, along with utility in the upcoming Riot metaverse. Genesis Car owners will also get one free Driver for every Genesis Car that they own.

During the launch, 150 Racetrack Land Plots will be given away and every 50th Driver NFT bought will win a free Racetrack Land Plot. In addition, for every Driver you buy during the drop, you will be whitelisted to buy one car in the first Apollo Collection Car Drop.

In order to ensure low gas fees, buyers will be able to purchase Driver NFTs by simply paying mainnet ETH for the total of all the Drivers they want to buy, so there are no minting fees. And remember, Drivers impact 20% of the race outcome, and they are the main play-to-earn component of Riot Racers, so the more the better!

$RIOT Tokens & Game Assets

All in-game activities are transacted in $RIOT tokens, which players can claim for free by enrolling in the Riot Owner’s Club. Some races will be free to play and some will be paid, depending on the class level and reward pool size for winning.

Game assets can either be purchased on the Riot Racers marketplace or on the secondary market on OpenSea. Owners of game assets will be able to earn passive income as upgrades to Cars will take place in Mechanic Shops, or filling up on gas at Gas Stations. If you own a Shop or Station, you will earn a portion of the upgrade fees or gas fees. Racetrack Land owners also earn a portion of the fees for the races that take place on that racetrack.

Make sure to join the Discord group for more information on the upcoming drop and how to sign up for the whitelist.

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