Rolling Stone and BAYC Launch Unique Art Print NFTs

For the second time in just over seven months, world-renowned magazine Rolling Stone has teamed up with Bored Ape Yacht Club to launch an exclusive NFT offering. The co-branded digital collectibles on offer this time around is a pair of 1/1 art print NFTs based on apes of both the Bored and Mutant variety. 

Both NFTs entail a dynamic aesthetic, with the Bored Ape art print showing the notorious ‘Curtis’ ape chilling in a hammock on their private island as they strum on a ukulele. The Mutant Ape edition features an image of daredevil ape as they escape from the wraths of a mutant slime volcano on a motorbike. In addition to their distinctive BAYC style and vibe, each NFT also features the iconic Rolling Stone logo as a banner. 

The pair of NFTs went up for auction on OpenSea on June 22nd, and will remain open for bids until 4PM BST on June 25th. At the time of writing, the Bored Ape NFT print has a bid of 2,248.24 ApeCoin ($9,847), whilst the Mutant edition has a bid of 1869.42 ApeCoin ($8,188).

Each winner of the 1/1 editions will also receive a collector’s item which is associated to their respective NFT, which will be signed by the Yuga Labs founders and the CEO of Rolling Stone. Physical art prints of the two editions were also available for purchase on the BAYC website for an exclusive five-hour period (for $100 apiece), however such shopping window has now closed.  

The phygital offering is the second official collaboration between the influential duo of pop culture entities, with the first coming in November 2021 through the launch of BAYC-branded Rolling Stone magazine covers.

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