Roman Gutikov NFT photographer Interview | NFT CULTURE | NFTs & Crypto Art

Can You Tell Us About Your Background And What Lead You Down The Path To Becoming An Artist And Ultimately Experimenting With NFTs?

Originally I’m from Belarus, past 4 years I live in Bali. I started photography in 2005 in high school it was experiments with my first amateur camera. Plots most often became macro photography or some interesting forms and lands. I didn’t understand yet what I wanted to shoot, I just tried different. But I always had a desire to make it very cool, I look for the right angle for a long time trying to get a picture that I really like. Phones in those days couldn’t give a good picture, so at some point I bought my first DSLR camera. This was only body, I spent all my money. But my father left me old lens from film camera manual 50mm, about 3 years I shot only with this lens. It’s still with me and sometimes I use it.
I didn’t want to shoot people for a long time, I refused to do it) But I got bored of shooting just nature or reportage, I wanted to embed a person, interact with. Since then and to this day, filming a person is my favorite genre. I like to work with simple subtle portraits, interesting designer clothes, naked bodies, for me it’s nothing different, in any shooting I see and create my own aesthetics. Always prefer to shoot in some space, nature, city, and really don’t like studios.

Now the main type of shooting is fashion for various brands, I also shoot my art where I have maximum freedom. And NFT as a modern type of galleries allows my creativity and true me to open up. Because shooting for customers is always a limits. Until your name is big enough to be allowed to do whatever you want.

By joining twitter in February 2022, I discovered a huge new world, an amazing family of creative people in the NFT field. Before that, I was in instagram, my account was deleted, posts are constantly blocked even with lightly naked bodies. Instead of real people, accounts are managed by others. In fact it’s a terrible experience, these frames that other people hang on you.

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