Royal Salute x Richard Quinn Launch First NFT Whisky Collab with BlockBar

Royal Salute and Richard Quinn are teaming up again to drop a one-off whisky NFT. The sale will drop on BlockBar at 10am EST on Tuesday 22 February 2022. This is the second time the two parties have collaborated, dropping another coveted collector’s item. By design, the NFT will launch ahead of the London Fashion Week.

After the successful NFT purchase, the buyer can choose whether to redeem the physical product. BlockBar will arrange delivery from its secure facility, ensuring a safe delivery of the masterpiece. The company will also hold a certificate of authenticity as a digital certificate of ownership. If needed, users can trade the NFTs on BlockBar’s NFT marketplace.

Royal Salute House of Quinn by Richard Quinn

This NFT will feature edition #1 from a collection of 200 limited edition crystal decanters, signed by Richard Quinn. Underneath the gorgeous design is a bespoke new blend from Royal Salute Master Blender Sandy Hyslop. The Scottish blend offers an enchanting flavor profile that is delicately floral and complemented by a lasting oakiness in a fitting tribute to the designer’s elegant yet daring style.

Richard Quinn has imprinted his signature boldness and colors onto the collection, creating a sexy collection of hand-blown crystal decanters. Each hand-painted item has a bespoke floral design, with gold leaf to finish the look. In addition, the decanters have a specially designed black box enhanced with tone-on-tone floral details.

How to participate

There are a few simple steps to participate in this marriage between luxury fashion and whisky. On the day of the drop, users need to connect their wallet to the site, with at least 1 ETH in the wallet. Access will open starting from 9:30am EST. Then at 10:00am EST, all users will be randomly shuffled and queued to submit their 1 ETH deposit. Subsequently, participants need to complete the full payment within 48 hours, either in ETH of fiat.

Richard Quinn

This H&M design award winner is known for his bold and emotive designs, specializing in womenswear and textiles. His unique handcrafted skills and high fashion sensibility has led him to many awards, even an honor by Her Majesty the Queen in 2018. Admirably, the London based designer has had his stunning collections worn by the likes of Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Lily Aldridge at the Met Gala.


BlockBar is a relatively new NFT marketplace that occupies a unique yet practical niche. The platform connects consumers and collectors to the owners of luxury wines and spirits brands. Essentially, this direct-to-consumer NFT platform fills an important gap in the industry by providing transparency, authenticity, quality assurance, and storage. Users can now purchase asset-backed NFTs directly from brand owners like Dictador, Hennessy, and many more.

Royal Salute

The birth of Royal Salute marks the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and the 21 gun salute that honored her. Although steeped in tradition, the company continues to explore various new, creative, and ambitious forms of the modern world. The whisky NFT is a great example of such explorations. Moreover, this Scotch Whisky brand can also be found deeply involved in polo, the oldest yet expanding team sport.

You can hop on their Twitter Spaces (@BlockBarNFT) on Monday 21st February at
1PM EST to know more details. Meanwhile, do check out the promotional video by Royal Salute.


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