Russell Simmons NFT Collection with Snoog Dgg is about “respect”

The new Snoop Dogg and Russel Simmons NFT collection is all about “respect”, according to the creators. The series, ‘Masterminds of Hip Hop’, comprises digital trading card tokens depicting famous faces from the history of rap. Each includes animated art and studio clips from stars including Chuck D, Doug E Fresh, MC Sha-Rock, and Grandmaster Caz.

The ‘Masterminds of Hip Hop’ collection drops 10th October

Speaking on Tuesday 5th October via live Zoom call hosted by The 10K Project’s Taana Rivers and Talisha Shine of Black Blockchain Consultants, Simmons explained the project was created in partnership with Paybby, with CEO Hassan Miah also on the call. NFT marketplace Tokau is listing the collection, which will go on sale 10th October.

Simmons also said the non-fungible tokens are a way to compensate artists who deserve more credit. For example, Sha-Rock, AKA Sharon Green, who appeared on the streamed broadcast and is considered the original female rapper. The ultimate goal is to raise the profile of legendary figures that didn’t break into the commercial common conscience.

“The NFTs are museum quality, and will increase in value,” Simmons says, “but the stories of these artists are priceless,” Simmons said.

“There is nothing more exciting for me than working with the founding fathers and mothers of hip hop, from Grandmaster Caz and Eddie Cheba to Sha-Rock, DJ Hollywood and other “masterminds”. These are the shoulders that our hip hop giants of today stand on,” he later added via Twitter.

Masterminds of Hip Hop Specifications

The Snoop Dogg and Russell Simmons NFT collection is one of the most high-profile we’ve seen from the music world to date. But the series is worth highlighting for more than its aim of giving credit where credit is due.

Firstly, the assets are BSC-20 tokens, on Binance Smart Chain. Buyers using the Paybby website can pay for tokens via credit or debit card. The point being no gas fees at this point in the transaction. That’s important for keeping Ethereum congestion down, and reducing environmental impact.

Secondly, by allowing credit and debit card payments, ‘Masterminds of Hip Hop’ acts as a gateway series. Non-crypto types can get into the crypto art world without taking the full plunge. Finally, the collection may be turned into a book and documentary series, which will only further the cause.

“The reason why I’m involved is because I want to show respect to the foundation, to the founders,” Snoop said in a video post tweeted by Simmons. “All of the originators and creators, this is for y’all.”

The West Coast rap legend recently outed himself as NFT whale Cozomo de’ Medici, although some are still unsure as to whether this is really the case. Either way, recent criticisms over people spamming crypto wallets made headlines across the industry.

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