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‘Senses’: An Uplifting Spoken Word Audio/Visual NFT Collection will change the way you think about the 5 senses of the human body.

Acclaimed poet David Bianchi has partnered with coding artist Dogan Demir and music producer PLS&TY to create an innovative audio/visual NFT Collection titled “Senses”, set to release June 9, 2022 on Async.

Senses is a 1000 NFT collection of 100 original spoken word poems that all pertain to the 5 senses of the human body, each written and performed by David Bianchi, with both an accompanying musical score produced by PLS&TY & generative visual art coded by technologist Dogan Demir. Each piece of art is generated from code that is informed from data extracted from recordings of David’s voice.

Each NFT will be a marriage of a music layer, multiple visual layers, and one audio poetry layer. Each sense has its own color palette and artistic tone for individuality.

Coded Art by Dogan Demir

Beautiful images; some moving, some static; with heart-shifting music composed by PLS&TY using the Solfeggio healing frequencies and David’s voice reciting the poem is sure to move people in ways no other NFT collection has.
“I’m looking forward to seeing not only the unique randomization of poetry, but how the collectors respond to very compelling art designed by Dogan. It will be beautiful to learn from collectors why they chose certain pieces over the others. Where normally we choose NFT collection pieces based solely on visual art, not music, language and audio poetry.” said Bianchi.

The series is powered by Async BluePrints Music. The owner of each NFT will hold the non-exclusive commercial re-sale and publishing rights of the written poetry.

Senses from David Bianchi Launch Details

Price: .15E

Collection Size: 1000

Date: June 9th




How did you come up with the ideas?

I’ve never done a large collection of NFTs since I started minting over a year ago. I had the inspiration to write a series of poems that are philosophical and inspirational in their tone and that was the beginning of what became this art series. I also am interested in leaning into cutting-edge technology in crypto art that also speaks to the white glove art collector.

I am continuously interested in building work that is respected by the high art world. So after some research in blending audiovisual and sonic poetry it occurred to me it had never been done before, and I now find myself more and more interested in breaking ground and being the first to bat in various genres of art.

 I’m very interested in taking audiences on a journey through sound image and physical form. Not only in gallery spaces and auditorium spaces, but also in the metaverse spaces where people from all over the world can join in a community ceremony and experience the poems and escape through a healing and listening journey.

What Makes this project unique?

This is the first ever, healing poetic generative art collection ever on the blockchain.

For each of the senses (sight, touch, taste, hear and smell) I wrote twenty poems for a total of 100 individual poems. It was an emotionally gratifying journey for me to write these words and is the first step in what could be a physical book. Within each twenty, I wrote two haikus for scarcity. Each NFT will be a marriage of a music layer, multiple visual layers, and one audio poetry layer. The Blueprints technology (based on how we arrange the rarities) will choose how often these poems appear in the collection and how.

I’m looking forward to seeing not only the unique randomization of poetry, but how the collectors respond to very compelling art designed by Dogan. Dogan and I worked closely to determine how the AI engine of his art would be informed with my voice by stripping it down to mathematics.

How will they respond to heart-shifting music composed by PLS&TY? Tom took my guidance on making sure the music fit the Solfeggio healing frequencies from 174 Hz – 963 Hz. These are specific and studied frequencies known to heal internally. What experience will they have while listening and also reading the poetry on each of these one-of-one NFTS?

It will be beautiful to learn from collectors why they chose certain pieces over the others. Where normally we choose collection pieces solely based on visual art, not based on art, music language, and audio poetry. I will also be transfering the IP rights of the written poetry to the owner of each NFT to give additional value to the collectors. This means that each collector will be able to re-publish and re-sell my words without my permission for as long as they hold the NFT.

How Big is the team and what are their roles?

The team including marketing and production is about 25
immediate team is about 8 between creative teams and the Async production team.

Here is a great 2 min BTS that describes the collection.

About David Bianchi

Creator of the Art Genre Spinema™ (spoken word cinema)

David Bianchi burst into the NFT scene in April of 2021 by dropping the world’s first Award-Winning Spoken Word Spinema™ NFT film titled “I Can’t Breathe”. David donated the proceeds to the George Floyd Memorial Foundation, getting the attention of some of the largest collectors in the space and Forbes. 

His third Spinema™ film NFT “Break the Bars” sold out and became the first film to red carpet premiere in the Metaverse in Decentraland with over 2,000 attendees and became a solo exhibit at the Makers Place gallery.

His acclaimed series “The Modern Day Minstrel” sold out to an impressive array of collectors on SuperRare. His follow-up on SuperRare “Revolution is Being Televised” was curated at Art Basel Miami 2021. The same series was curated by TIME Magazine in NFTNYC, and he would become one of the first crypto-artists ever to display NFTs at the LA Art Show in 2021. His latest work will display at SuperRare’s first physical art gallery in Soho summer 2022. David’s vision is to change the world through poetic experiences on the blockchain.

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About Dogan Demir

Dogan has been working in the NFT space since 2020 and has been collected around the world and curated on major platforms like Async and Foundation. His collector base is always seeking new boundaries through his technology.

The principle of his work is to touch the observer’s senses using GLSL, Python, C#, and Javascript programming languages. He is constantly working to deepen his work by achieving new practices with AI GAN models. He began as a software developer for over 20 years. His works have been exhibited in several physical contemporary exhibitions in Istanbul. The most notable of these was the sold-out G-Terrain Sculptures series.

Dogan says,“In my entire adventure, I learn something new every day, and I take great pleasure in presenting these lessons to collectors.”

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About PLS&TY

Tommy Leas, better known as PLS&TY – is trail-blazing in the electronic dance music scene with his unique sound: languid bass, full of captivating vocals and upbeat melodies.

His visual NFT work has been forward-thinking back to 2020. He has been an early adopter of all platforms being one of the first 10 creators on Foundation as well as doing releases with Artblocks, SuperRare, Async, and more.

Tommy continues to push the envelope within the crypto art space having created the first-ever audiovisual NFT collection on Solana ‘Synapses’ and recently created the first-ever fractionalized looping music video “Run Wild”.

His music has amassed over 100 million streams and reached the top 25 Billboard electronic chart. PLS&TY has seen his music remixed by Grammy-nominated Morgan Page, Rusko, Cazzette, and YehMe2. Tommy has toured a bevy of A-list festivals including ShakyBeats, Breakaway, Electric Forest, EDC Vegas, and more.

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