SHOES 53045 partners THE DEMATERIALISED, IMVU, and MetaJuice to drop NFT shoes

SHOES 53045 has joined forces with 3 complementary partners to drop their first ever virtual shoe collection. This partnership consists of virtual fashion platform THE DEMATERIALISED, metaverse platform IMVU, and blockchain company MetaJuice. SHOES 53045 dropped the collection on 3 February 2022, and is currently available on THE DEMATERIALISED.

The Cyb’Air series introduces 3 NFTs: Thunder, Lava, and Ice. Cyb’Air Thunder and Cyb’Air Lava is limited to 150 units, selling at 200 euros each. Whereas Cyb’Air Ice only has 1 available unit and its auction starts off at 1000 euros. Inspired by motocross footwear and superhero boots, the shoes contain their respective superpowers that can be displayed in the metaverse.

Limited Edition Cyb’Air Thunder, Lava, and Ice sneakers by SHOES 53045

All NFT owners are invited to SHOES 53045’s first meta-film on 25 February. This is an interactive, community-based art project that will screen in a live event and exhibition on Collectively, the meta-film will feature videos, images, and mixed-media montages of the Cyb’Air shoes in action.

In addition, SHOES 53045 is organizing a selfie challenge, which is open to the IMVU community. Prizes include a SHOES 53045 digital shoe giveaway, chances to win a SHOES 53045 NFT, and also VCOINs.

SHOES 53045

Next Gen sneaker company, SHOES 53045, has a unique value proposition that makes them stand out. The vegan footwear company gets it inspirational designs from David Tourniaire, featuring a futuristic style with bubble air soles. The current set up enables them to transition into the metaverse much easier than its competitors.

Prior to the digital series, SHOES 53045 have worked with world class models and influencers. The star-struck list includes Gigi Hadid, Lil Nas X, Rita Ora, and many other heavyweights. Focusing solely on fashion, their core competency, they have looked to 3 other metaverse veterans for a successful Cyb’Air drop.

Cyb’Air partnership

Firstly, the company teams up with THE DEMATERIALISED. This online marketplace focuses on digital fashion, where users can buy and sell their fashion NFTs. The marketplace is on the LUKSO blockchain, which utilizes a proof of stake consensus. This consensus reduces the environmental impact of minting NFTs, which goes hand-in-hand with SHOES 53045’s sustainability objectives.

Secondly, the digital shoes will find its home in IMVU, a massive metaverse with over 1 million daily active users. The Silicon Valley company allows users to customize their avatars and explore over 40,000+ destinations within the digital space. Currently, the platform is a top 5 grossing app in the iOS/Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Last but not least, MetaJuice represents the final piece to the equation. MetaJuice unlocks various opportunities to an otherwise mundane metaverse. Through MetaJuice, users can then import their NFTs into IMVU and showcase them. MetaJuice shares the same parent company with IMVU, Together Labs. Hence, this can provide greater synergies within the partnership.

Check out the IMVU metaverse!

This unique group of companies each provide an important element to this NFT drop, forming one hell of a team. Through this collaboration, fans and owners now get a complete experience from buying the digital assets, to using them in an established metaverse.

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