Shuriken Chiks NFTs Aim to Cause a Ruckus on the Blockchain

Born into an age of coercion and forced conformity, a new wave of disillusioned youth has begun to permeate the suburban landscape, ground down by a constant barrage of superfluous information that results in an unending stream of static feedback. Now, these rebellious individuals are fed up with the state dictating the clothes they wear, and the thoughts they have, in an era where critical thinking is met with open disdain.

In response to this unwelcome status quo, the Shuriken Chiks are about to descend on the Ethereum blockchain. 10k warriors of the modern age, with an aim to misbehave. Through the sacred art of the Shuriken, these chic Chiks are preparing to tackle the problem head on, battling the endless noise as they look to forge out an identity, and restore the natural order.

Along the way, they will launch an NFT collection with a deep, vibrant lore, and a backstory to match, building out a rich tapestry of storytelling and environments to engage collectors with the incredible universe of the Shuriken Chicks. All the while, celebrating its success with a whole array of giveaways, experiences, and even a video game.

Ten Thousand Amazing NFTs

Shuriken Chiks represents a turbo charged, next-generation NFT project that specializes in world building and storytelling. The result of months of painstaking creative analysis and art development, to produce one of the finest anime collections on the blockchain.

The project will launch over the coming months with an exceptional 10k set of amazing NFTs. Each highly detailed and algorithmically generated from hundreds of traits, resulting in millions of possible combinations, and therefore a uniqueness that is provable on the blockchain.

These bold and stylish creations will come in four distinct categories of varying rarity. The most scarce represented by the Tokushuna clan, that depicts only 10% of the Shuriken Chiks. Followed by, Migoto (20%), Mezurashi (30%), and Ippan (40%). Moreover, each item in the collection will present additional amazing perks, including lifetime free access to the game, beta testing privileges, free airdrops, and minting rights to future collections.

The Future is Play to Earn

Following the complete sale of the entire collection, the Shuriken Chiks team will begin development of the game. An endless running style romp, where the Shuriken Chiks must use their street smarts and athletic prowess to survive in the infinite trial.

Not a team to rush into things however, Shuriken Chiks will ensure the best possible gameplay through careful development in addition to taking hints from the invaluable tool that is community feedback. They will also investigate the potential of tokenomics to bring their play-to-earn ambitions to fruition.

The Team

Shuriken Chiks is building from the ground up with a solid team with a passion for expansive storytelling and anime stylized artworks. Each member with their own specific role, for which they have bags of experience to prepare an out-of-this-world NFT experience. Currently operating as a foursome of a writer, developer, artist and project leader, expect more members to enter the fold once the project goes live.

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