Sipher RPG is Set for it’s Public Token Sale!

The popular Sipher’s RPG (role-playing game), is back with their upcoming public token sale on December 6 at 1 am UTC. After which, the enthusiasts can purchase $SIPHER tokens from their official website.

Sipher is a 3D live-action RPG.
Image Credit: Sipher/Twitter

However, the launch will last for 72 hours and all in all, 40 million tokens are reserved for the sale.

All about the Sipher RPG’s public sale

If you’re planning to participate in the sale, their youtube guide addresses step-by-step instructions on how to connect wallet, deposit, withdraw and claim the $SIPHER tokens. Moving along, Sipher RPG owns two categories of NFTs which are the Sipher INU NFT and Sipher NEKO NFT.

The first update after 12 hours of the sale.
Image Credit: Sipher/Twitter

In terms of security, the company has published its token and Public Sale Smart contracts on git hub.

Usually, many firms give the public access to smart contracts to improve their security as anyone can review them. Also, it expresses transparency.

$SIPHER RPG Retroactive Airdrop

Particularly, the team has decided to airdrop the tokens to the Genesis Sipher NFT holders in a fair manner. Where the quantity will be based on the tenure of NFT holders. This is to note that the holders of Sipher INU NFT will receive the highest amount of tokens. The reason is that it launched first so the holders own the longest tenure.

Moreover, the company will share a list of all eligible candidates against the number of tokens around December 14th. However, the US-based NFT holders are excluded from the airdrop due to some mentioned ‘legal reasons’.

Image Credit: Sipher

Altogether, the amount of tokens allocated to the NFT holders will be 0.5% of the token supply. And, the token supply consists of 5,000,000 $SIPHER tokens. Lastly, The lock-up period will be 3 months until 1st March 2022. Afterwards, it will be linearly vested to prevent token-dumping

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