Snoop Dogg’s Rap Empire Discord Server is Hacked! Warning- do not mint!

Another massive blow to the NFT Community! Snoop Dogg’s Rap Empire Discord has been hacked. This is very alarming because the other day, 6 NFT projects all had their Discord channels exploited in one day. Fraudsters targeted Crypto Chicks, Divine Anarchy, Women of Crypto, Nudie Community, The Shifters and The Littles.

Another NFT project fell for the elaborate schemes of fraudsters! Credit: Bleeping Computer

Discord Hack: Snoop Dogg’s Rap Empire

A moderator account was compromised, which resulted in an announcement of a “surprise mint.” So it was a transfer scam where people who connected their wallets to the fake “mint” link authorized the transfer of ETH or an NFT. 

So far, the team has deleted most of the channels in order to regain control of the announcement bot. With how things are going, it seems they will soon be able to recover the channel. For Web3 Engineer LOL Tapes, project discords this size should order a security audit to prevent such hacks from getting out of control.

Onchain analyst NFT Herder described the situation as a new low. He asserted that “the majority of NFT admins or mods aren’t educated enough to prevent it from happening.”

If you clicked the link and minted NFTs, make sure you open your Metamask and click on “connected sites.” Then, you should disconnect from whatever website you accessed ASAP. As always, stay vigilant and NEVER click links unless you’re 100% sure.

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