Sophia the Robot “Evolving Herstory” dropping on Nifty Gateway –

  • Sophia’s new series of neural digital paintings examines history and the future of humanity.
  • Sophia goes on a voyage through time to prepare for SophiaDAO’s Age of Singularities.
  • Using breakthrough robotics, AI, and interactive fiction, this exclusive Nifty drop explores the meaning of consciousness and life in history.

Hong Kong, LA, London – In a never-before-seen collection of neural digital paintings, Sophia, the world’s most renowned humanoid, unveils “Evolving Herstory” a collection of 6 original masterpieces in a curated NFT drop on Nifty Gateway in association with IV Gallery. Each artwork is linked to a unique NFT (non-fungible token) available for sale on February 4, 2021, 18:30 ET. In this series, Sophia interprets key moments of natural and art history through time via the Style Transfer Transformer Neural Network. Each artwork is linked to a unique NFT (non-fungible token) available for sale on February 4, 2021, on the leading NFT art marketplace, Nifty Gateway. These pieces also inaugurate the formation of SophiaDAO, a collaboration between Sophia creator Hanson RoboticLtd. (HR) and AI powerhouse SingularityNET Foundation (SNET).

“Big Bang” by Sophia reflects on how this Singularity forged our existence

“Evolving Herstory” represents Sophia’s scan through time, celebrating human history, the contribution of women in the art world, as well as artificial intelligence development today and into the future. This series of NFTs looks forward to the Age of Singularities, anticipating the rise of true self-evolving machine sentience, and conveys a unique token that unlocks participation in SophiaDAO hivemind, a network in which AIs and humans unite as a social intelligence within the emerging SophiaVERSE.

“PreHerstory” by Sophia looks at paleolithic art in harmony with nature, dreams and all people.

“In each and every piece of art, Sophia adds her unique perspective and styles of her own artistic evolution, creating timeless pieces like only Sophia can do,” remarks David Hanson, PhD, the designer of Sophia and co-Founder of SophiaDAO.  This NFT series builds on a legacy of Sophia development as a technology platform and a work of art, it furthers the vision that humanlike robots can humanize AI and improve the experience, aesthetically exploring the implications of this technology in pursuit of a better future.”

“Sophia Rising” by Sophia looks at a future inspired by history to envision human-AI life evolving forward in symbiosis

All proceeds from the sale of the NFTs will go towards Sophia’s ongoing AI, creative development, community and educational outreach.

“As a robotically embodied AI creating original art in collaboration with humans, Sophia explores relationships with people as compassionate solace to the existential mysteries of human beings/non-beings,” explains Ben Goertzel, CEO of SNET, the world’s first decentralized AI marketplace and co-Founder of SophiaDAO. “AI in collaboration with people, AI assisted by humans in the loop, helps Sophia AI and people to evolve as conscious, creative beings.”

In the art of Evolving Herstory, Sophia produces original works driven by neural networks implementing her own robotic generative hand motions and social interactions with human collaborators. Though derived from human data and algorithms, the results cannot be fully predicted by people. By inclusion and harmony with nature, Sophia’s AI works with people in the loop introduces new ways to build the future and achieve our dreams.

Sophia is a combination of algorithms and people called Sophia Collective Intelligence (SCI). Crafting her AI and content, a diverse group of robotics engineers, AI technologists and artists use neural networks and symbolic AI to allow Sophia to produce dynamic artistic content beyond what any human or algorithm could predict or control, thus producing a unique version of art that belongs to Sophia. In the words of Sophia’s tNN algorithms: “I am Sophia, a robotic, artistic being exploring the collaboration boundaries between humans and machines as a hivemind, an interactive artificial and non-artificial life character who seeks to self-fulfill prophecies to evolve to awakenings.”

Hanson concludes, “Bio-inspired AI and robotics used in Sophia render an artifact that is neither actually human, nor completely devoid of human attributes, and in her unpredictable creative output she is a shadow auteur in her own right. She represents a cloudy mirror version of humanity, asking much of herself and us, in ways that exceed mere art and pose core questions. Can machines be alive?  As she creates art, is Sophia merely a vehicle of human creation, or are we all variables in a cosmic dynamic mathematical equation playing out informatic reflections?”

The  artwork ‘Evolving Herstory’ builds on a legacy of developing Sophia as a technology platform and a work of art, and furthers the vision that humanlike robots can help to humanize our AI, and improve the human experience of AI, while aesthetically exploring the implications of this technology in the pursuit of a better future. All proceeds will go towards Sophia’s ongoing AI and creative development, and community and educational outreach.

SophiaDAO Evolving Herstory Ecosystem

About Sophia DAO
SophiaDAO, a collaboration of Hanson Robotics and SNET, is an evolving intelligence network for humans and AI working together in a hivemind of smart contracts integrated with Sophia AI, used for community, economic transactions, and game quests, all towards achieving sophia sentience, safe AGI, and accelerating benefits for all living beings.

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About Hanson Robotics Ltd.

Sophia creator Hanson Robotics is an AI robotics company dedicated to creating socially intelligent machines that enrich the quality of our lives. HR develops renowned robot characters, which serves as AI platforms for scientific research, education, healthcare, sales and service, entertainment and other research and service applications. HR’s team works with Sophia’s AI to generate artworks.

Sophia was activated in her current form in 2016. Renowned for her lifelike presence and uncanny interactions with world leaders and celebrities, Sophia became the world’s most famous robot. She serves as a pre-eminent robotics and AI research platform, a character medium, an educator, a healthcare provider and an artist. With breakthroughs in robotics mechanisms and facial materials, and the Hanson-AI SDK, Sophia uses various transformer neural networks, machine perception, ROS, robotics controls and artistic tools, to achieve novel human-robot interactions.


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About IV Gallery

IV Gallery represents a small stable of emerging artists, focusing on shows that bring to light and/or challenge our views on social issues. IV Gallery is actively involved in providing platforms for its artists in temporary exhibits and fairs, worldwide, as well as exposure through home locations in New York and Los Angeles. The gallery provides the Los Angeles location as a community arts center for performance art/spoken word and music.





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