Spider-Man NFTs are the next to launch on their platform

Collectors and comic book fans take note. The latest franchise to arrive on VeVe is Spider-Man. The iconic web-slinger will be swinging his way to the iOS and Android NFT marketplace today, Tuesday 16th November, at 8 AM Pacific Time.

The Amazing Spider-Man issue 14 is the first to go non-fungible with VeVe

The hero, also known as Peter Parker, is the latest to join VeVe’s digital comic lineup. The drop is based around The Amazing Spider-Man #14. This crypto edition of the original comic is fully-readable, and comes with five variant covers.

Two covers are particularly desirable, and classed as Exclusive Rare and Ultra Rare. Crucially, buyers won’t know which they are getting until after the purchase thanks to the VeVe’s blind box system. It’s important to note this is a highly significant issue of The Amazing Spider-Man. First published in print in 1964, the story features our first encounter with the Green Goblin. As any fan will tell you, the supervillain would go on to be one of the most infamous in comic book culture.

The VeVe Spider-Man NFT includes the first ever sighting of The Green Goblin

VeVe Spider-Man and Value

Seeing VeVe and Spider-Man join forces isn’t surprising. In fact, we’re shocked it didn’t happen sooner. Demand for this new crypto comic will likely be high. Those who do grab a copy can also expect good returns on the secondary market. Having said that, we’re not sure the potential profit margin here will beat the print version, which first went on sale in the mid-1960s for just $0.12. A quick check on eBay reveals prices are now well over $1,200 for a first edition.

This is the latest major signing to be announced by VeVe, which already has an impressive roster of movie, graphic novel, and pop culture NFT collectibles. The marketplace is already home to Disney’s Golden Moments collection, for example, which itself includes Star Wars, Pixar, and other characters from the Marvel universe.


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