STEPN Celebrates Its First Anniversary

On September 22nd, STEPN, the innovative web3 lifestyle app, is celebrating its first anniversary. It has been a remarkable year for the company, which now boasts over 4.72 million registered users across 200 countries. STEPN introduced move-to-earn to the blockchain and is continuing to develop its lifestyle app. This new technology encourages people to be active outdoors while promoting healthy living. STEPN is releasing data highlighting its remarkable growth and key milestones to celebrate its first anniversary.

Illustration of a woman running STEPN anniversary
STEPN is celebrating its first anniversary, after a remarkable year. Credit: STEPN

STEPN Continues to grow with its first anniversary 

The move-to-earn company first appeared last year, during the height of the NFT boom. Almost one year later, it is still going strong, and it continues to build its impressive ecosystem. In June, STEPN launched its decentralized exchange, DOOAR. In fact, since its launch, it has been the #1 Solana DEX when looking at daily active users. 

STEPN tokenizes fitness in a way never seen before. The web3 lifestyle app uses elements of Game-Fi and Social-Fi to promote a fun and interactive way.

Basically, users can buy NFT sneakers, and by walking, jogging, or running outdoors, they can earn in-game currency. The first anniversary of STEPN highlight just how far it has come since last year.

The STEPN app is incredibly popular, and the daily active users hit a record one million in June. In fact, over the last year, STEPN users have accumulated over 108,017,738 kilometers through walking, jogging, or running.

As a lifestyle app that values the outdoors, the company also aims to reduce its carbon footprint. In April it announced huge carbon neutrality plans and also began monthly payments for carbon removal.

STEPN introduces a new anti-cheat system

Over the past year, STEPN has raised over $5 million from investors and gained a considerable following. What’s more, the STEPN platform now uses three separate blockchains – Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and Ethereum.

In June, STEPN launched the SMAC anti-cheating system. This allows the company to detect users manipulating game mechanics. Because of its popularity, it now has to ensure its ecosystem is safe and secure.

The first anniversary of STEPN marks a pivotal moment for the company, which has enormous plans for the future and will continue to develop its move-to-earn ecosystem.


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