Stewart 99: Celebrating Sir Jackie Stewart’s Formula One Career –

This is the first project to be launched with a Formula One world champion. Collectibles have been in the world of Formula One since the first engine was fired up but this will bring them into Web 3.0 and the Metaverse. The whole project will consistently relate back to his career and the project will be a journey through his life in F1

How Big is the team and what are their roles?

At Racey Bear Pit Crew we have a team of 4 currently and will be looking to expand again soon! Andrew is the project manager, the F1 nut and was the vision behind the idea of bringing the Formula One community together on an NFT project. Mina does all our designing and marketing materials she is the wizard behind the artistry. Tamir is head of development and the smart contract guru he is working to make sure that our collaborations are done in the best way possible for our members. And finally Fanni is our brand protector and coordinator she makes sure that everything is looking as it should before it hits the public eye and maintains our relationships with partners and collaborators.  Sir Jackie has a small team that manages his busy lifestyle!


Why is that price fair? This will become a blue chip piece in anybody’s NFT collection. The OG drop of any Formula One World Champ and also one of the most successful of all time and regarded as an absolute legend of the sport.  

What is the Mint Size? The mint will be a maximum of 10,700 the same size as the Racey Bear Pit Crew collection. You will have to own a RBPC to be able to mint the ‘Stewart 99’ collection 

Are there any mechanics we should know about? Anybody who does mint at least one of the collection will enter a raffle for IRL experiences and unique memorabilia from Sir Jackie Stewart 

Links to discord, social, etc.

This is the first in a line of collaborations that Racey Bear Pit Crew will be doing bringing value to Formula One fans in the NFT space. 

We have chosen to partner with Racey Bear Pit Crew because we believe in their vision to create the number one NFT for F1 fans. Over 2 billion people tune in to watch the F1 throughout a season and now there is an OG collection for this group of people. They haven’t tried to be all things to all people, they have dialled down on their niche, they know it, they understand it and the team have been involved in Formula One for a number of years. 

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