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As the NFT momentum increases through the influence of known personalities and innovation in the gaming industry, the expanding claims of digital artworks are flooding marketplaces.

These marketplaces give free access to creators to tokenize their images, drawings, and music into NFTs. Yet, not many marketplaces focus on providing high-quality video-based NFTs.

Some NFT marketplaces focus on a particular niche, like NBA Top Shot marketplace, which showcases collectible mementos from premier basketball leagues. But most NFT marketplaces intend to cater to a general niche like the most popular OpenSea, Rarible, Foundation, and SuperRare.

Recently, the STRMNFT marketplace opened its doors to content creators, intending to advance video NFTs in a unique, trendy way. And as part of its developing program, it is currently mobilizing a ‘Love STRMNFT’ challenge to inspire and motivate its community.


What is STRMNFT Marketplace?


In May 2022, StreamCoin, a blockchain-based live streaming company, opened registration for its STRMNFT marketplace, allowing artists and creators to mint their simplest to rarest artworks and eventually sell, buy, and collect other digital assets on the platform.

While each NFT marketplace features its respective operating method and system, STRMNFT boasts its own blockchain with the highest transaction speed of 300,000 TPS among the existing networks.

According to StreamCoin, it also developed its proprietary NFT standard, NSTA_602, to ensure the authenticity of videos in the STRMNFT marketplace. Moreover, the marketplace is designed to have a beginner-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to mint NFTs and navigate its features. 

Some highlighted features of STRMNFT include following their favorite creators, creating video NFT playlists, having their NFT collections publicly and privately available, and more.

To promote the STRMNFT marketplace globally, the platform allows users to mint their digital assets free of charge until July 2022 only, as well as introducing the ‘Love STRMNFT’ challenge.


‘Love STRMNFT’ Challenge


Following its first week of registration, STRMNFT introduced its ‘Love STRMNFT’ Challenge, which aims to motivate the participant’s creativity by capturing extraordinary moments showing their love and support for the STRMNFT marketplace.


And what are challenges without prizes? 

STRMNFT is giving away a total prize pool of $10,000 worth of the STRM and GSTRM tokens to participants who will post the best photos or videos on their respective platforms. The challenge is open only until June 30, 2022, so join the trend, tweet your snaps for the ‘Love STRMNFT’ challenge, and win prizes!

Can I Create My Own Video NFT?


While planning your entry on the STRMNFT challenge, you can simultaneously plan and create your own video NFTs.

Through STRMNFT, video creators will be able to create, mint, and sell videos directly to the global audience without passing through an intermediary. Users can also set royalties and earn each time their work is sold to a new buyer, ensuring they can still benefit from their artworks after they are traded. 

Or until it blows up!

Look what happened to the classic version of Nyan Cat. No one expected an animated flying cat to sell from its initial offer of about $1,544.38 to a whopping $590,000!

How about the Bored Ape Yacht Club, with a floor price of $190/ape and now continues to soar up to $400,000? Or the CryptoPunk that is selling at a minimum price of $150,000?

NFTs are becoming more valuable over time, connecting the real world to blockchain networks. Check the STRMNFT marketplace channels to learn more. You, too, can become a part of the NFT creators community.

The future trends of technology are shaping the world of the digital economy, where NFTs will surpass conventional collectibles. STRMNFT is still in its early stages, but the community is certain – exciting years are approaching.

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