Tekashi 6ix9ine NFT venture ended up being a scam. Surprise, Surprise.

Tekashi 6ix9ine NFT is on its community radar, as the collectors are referring to this NFT project as “a huge scam”. In fact, users are actively dumping their NFTs.

Tekashi Collection is available at Opensea
Image Credit: Tekashi

Let us remind you that the American Rapper – Tekashi 69 launched his NFT collection this October, featuring his album art and NBA’s Top Shot project. Moreover, the series was a hit since over 9,669 tokens were sold at a price of $400 per collectable. As a result, the rapper made around $4 million.

So, why, after such a successful sale, the rapper is in the news for not-so-good reasons?

Is the Tekashi 6ix9ine NFT project a scam?

According to a report published by Rolling Stone, buyers of Tekashi NFT are facing multiple issues. Firstly, they cannot earn royalties after selling the NFTs into the secondary markets. Secondly, the NFT team did not release any game as promised. Despite everything, buyers still cannot contact the organizers.

What’s more, after a few days of its release, they stopped minting NFTs. Given that, the organizers stated that the launch got hijacked. Afterwards, the rapper himself was trying to distance away from the whole conspiracy.

Correspondingly, the users couldn’t ask questions at discord servers since the server’s bot restricted many words. One buyer stated, “We’re sitting there waiting for answers. You couldn’t even type-specific words in this Discord channel, because a bot would moderate what you could say. You couldn’t type the words ‘floor price,’ you couldn’t type ‘ban’ or ‘scam.’ If you did, you’d get a message that rejects your message saying that word is not allowed there.”

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