Thanks to the RADAR Airdrop You Got DappRadar PRO, What Does it Do?

How RADAR enhances your experience in The World’s Dapp Store

Everybody who holds 5,000 RADAR tokens in their wallet gets access to DappRadar PRO. But how does this membership feature benefit you? Give us a couple of minutes of your time to explain things. 

With the token launch behind us, thousands of community members have claimed their RADAR airdrop. Everybody who has 5,000+ RADAR in the wallet connected to their DappRadar account automatically obtains access to DappRadar PRO.

But what exactly is DappRadar PRO? Before we dive into the features DappRadar PRO brings to the table, and please know that this is just our first step. Over time more features will be added. Features that RADAR holders can directly influence – you can join the discussion right now over on our Discord and start participating in the future of DappRadar.

This is what you get with DappRadar PRO

From launch, there are three key features of DappRadar PRO for RADAR holders:

1. Premium Content & Access

PRO holders benefit from timed, exclusive, or complete exclusive access to content and features, for example, our latest New Dapps Report.  And the ability to participate in discussion on these topics and more in exclusive token holder channels on our Discord.  RADAR holder or not, it’s worth checking out.  

2. Enhanced Data

DappRadar PRO also unlocks enhanced data features on DappRadar itself. For example, for the first time, users can filter the DappRadar Rankings. Regular website visitors can filter only one category at a time, but PRO users can use multiple filters. This gives PRO users a clear advantage. 

We know how important data is. The World’s Dapp Store prides itself on being the most comprehensive source for dapp data. Those users looking to make a well-informed decision want to rely on as much live data as possible. Community members with a PRO account will be able to see NFT sales data filtered based on the past 15 and 30 minutes. 

3. Live Discord Notifications

And PRO members not only get access to LIVE data about new dapps, NFT sales, new NFT collections, and even new NFT mints within Discord, but also live Discord notifications to ensure they are first to know about breaking events.

As you can see, RADAR enhances your experience as a dapp user, giving you all kinds of extra information to make better decisions. It doesn’t even end there because DappRadar will also introduce staking options for liquidity providers on SushiSwap. Above all, having RADAR in your wallet gives you a say in the future of The World’s Dapp Store. Governance starts with sharing ideas on Discord, so please join us

The launch of RADAR was not the goal. It’s the beginning of the future.

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