The 2022 Topps Pristine Baseball NFT Drop Brings Top Players to The Blockchain

If you love baseball and NFTs, Topps brings the best of both worlds with its latest drop: the 2022 Topps Pristine Baseball NFT Collection. These unique NFT packs shine the light on iconic players while offering valuable perks to their holders.

The limited-edition NFT digital packs will drop on September 15th at 1 pm ET. With the sale going live later this week, let’s find out all about the collection ASAP!

digital poster of top Baseball players featured in the 2022 Topps Pristine Baseball NFT collection
The iconic trading card company Topps drops its 2022 Pristine Baseball NFT collection this month!

What is the Topps Pristine Baseball NFT drop all about?

The 2022 Topps Pristine Baseball NFT collection brings the Topps card pack opening experience to the blockchain. In terms of design, the collectibles reimagine the popular physical Pristine card designs. The NFT packs include iconic varieties such as Popular Demand, Fresh Faces, Pure Power, and facsimile signatures.

The collection will feature non-slab and slab NFTs, as well as marquee subsets. Fans get the unique opportunity to collect both iconic hitters and rising stars of the game.

The Topps Pristine Baseball NFT Collection will drop on Thursday, September 15th at 1 p.m. ET exclusively on There are two pack types, Standard Packs and Premium Packs.

image of two different NFT card packs from the Topps Pristine collection
Collectors can choose between two main digital card packs that come with different rarities.

How are the NFT card packs’ rarities divided?

The 2022 Topps Pristine Baseball NFT collection features two types of digital card packs: Standard and Premium.

Standard Pack Information:

  • $20 per pack
  • 4 collectibles per pack
  • 9,000 packs available

Rarity odds:

  • Common (54.90%)
  • Uncommon (40.36%)
  • Rare (1.70%)
  • Super Rare (1.65%)
  • Epic (1.22%)
  • Legendary (0.17%)


Premium Pack Information:

  • $85 per pack
  • 10 collectibles per pack
  • 7,000 packs available

Rarity odds:

  • Common (49.61%)
  • Uncommon (35.71%)
  • Rare (5.00%)
  • Super Rare (4.79%)
  • Epic (4.25%)
  • Legendary (0.64%)

Collectors who mint a complete Topps Pristine NFT set by October 6th at 3 pm ET also gain exclusive access to rare Pristine NFT subsets. For example, you can get Pure Power Facsimile Signatures and Fresh Faces Facsimile Signatures.

Additional Challenges task collectors with chasing multiple rarities of future 2022 MLB Regular Season and Playoff MVPs; World Series MVP; Rookies of the Year; and Cy Young Award winners. All of them will yield rewards in the form of NFT-exclusive original artwork digital collectibles.

digital poster of the 2022 Pristine Baseball Topps NFT collection featuring six digital avatars
From legendary personalities to new players, collectors get to mint their favorite Topps NFT baseball icons this season.

What is Topps?

The Topps Company, Inc, has been delighting sports fans with its trading cards since 1938. Now, it is a next-gen physical and digital trading card division under Fanatics Collectibles.


To conclude, the sale for 2022 Topps Pristine Baseball NFTs is happening on September 15th at 1 pm ET, exclusively on

Make sure to follow the company via Twitter and Instagram, and join their Discord channel for real-time updates!


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