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The metaverse is here.  With the largest organizations in the world starting to navigate their strategies to create elegant and beautiful digital experiences, it was only a matter of time before one of the worlds top Architecture firms begins exploring the NFT / Metaverse experience.  The result is Habitats an immersive architecture project that will likely become the “blue chip” of metaverse architecture.  They may not be first, but they’re the first to get it right.

Habitats represents a first-of-its-kind research project powered by SHoP Architects, a world-class architecture firm, that will use the Metaverse as a proving ground to innovate and design smarter in the real world. SHoP is a digitally native architecture firm, the team felt that that they were uniquely positioned to explore the Metaverse as a natural extension of their existing work.

SHoP is a world renowned architecture firm

Many projects launch with an extensive roadmap of what they hope to accomplish, but often that is because they have yet to accomplish much at all before they launch. With Habitats, that is not the case. SHoP Architects is an award-winning firm responsible for designing many noteworthy projects including YouTube HQ, Uber HQ, the Barclays Center, and super tall towers around the world. In the real world, SHoP already integrates the use of data and generative algorithms in their design process, and we are applying that same process as we approach the Metaverse.

Habitats are more than NFTs

Habitats is not simply an NFT collection. While we will be launching with a genesis collection in May 2022, we are also embarking on a much larger research & development project, as we aim to push the Metaverse in a positive direction. The team will be uniquely situated, straddling both the physical and digital design worlds, and we believe we can act as a bridge between the two.

Research and Access become the real utility

Collectors of Habitats NFTs will be able to join the team’s research efforts and serve as an essential voice along the way. Collectors will be able to participate both actively (e.g., helping to design Metaverse developments, suggesting areas for exploration, participation in design competitions) and passively (e.g., receive exclusive updates from the team, early previews). Collectors will also be able to use their Habitats in a number of ways. Habitats will come with unlockable content that will let holders utilize them in various Metaverse worlds—on day 1, they will be usable in DCL. They will also be able to access files for 3D printing and other bespoke experiences.

SHoP is bringing an entire team together

SHoP has dedicated a number of resources to this research & development project, with a dedicated team taking the lead on the genesis collection. They partnered with a web3 development team, COBA Labs, who assisted with the site design, web3 integration, and smart contract work. Lastly, Habitats leaned on a group of third-party advisors, consisting of individuals with extensive Metaverse, web3, and real estate experience. 

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