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It has been a crazy week for decentralised finance fanatics. Co-founder of Etherum, Joseph Lubin was a guest on the podcast Up Only. Up Only is a show presented by Cobie and Ledger. They discuss everything NFT and crypto. Joseph Lubin has heavily contributed to Etherum’s creation. Continuing with its progression today. Lubin dropped big news on the recording about Metamask. 

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What was said on the podcast?

Talking with Cobie and Ledger on Zoom, the presenters weed out some very interesting information from Lubin. The presenters ask during a conversation ‘is that a token confirmed?’ Lubin replied ‘I can confirm that Metamask will recognise and support tokens.’ The presenters threw their arms in the air. They exclaimed ‘did we just break news?!’ 

What is Metamask?

For those of you unaware, Metamask is a decentralised application for your browser. They offer secure, decentralised social messaging, payment networks, file storage, and file sharing. All this without leaving the mainstream social media networks. Believing in an ownership economy, they think everyone should own what they produce. This includes their data, attention, and the virtual space they choose to contribute to.


Whilst we haven’t got many details thus far, we can be sure that Metamask and Lubin won’t be frugal with their information. In conclusion, the announcement that Metamask and Joseph Lubin releasing tokens is an exciting step. Following this, we are looking forward to seeing how their partnership will progress.

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