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In honor of the Publisher beta launch, The Crypt Gallery would like to congratulate and highlight Nifty Gateway for this major success and continued innovation as a leading marketplace and NFT platform.

NG’s pivot into this new era is strategically meant to provide a user friendly and simplified interface that allows for independently curated and released art drops, soon to be available to the masses.

Beyond giving creators and curators this new freedom, the Publisher tool addresses larger industry problems, including the importance and need to onboard beyond the existing user base. Data has shown that opening access to more publishers leads to a direct increase of new collectors, many of which are collecting NFTs for the very first time. Once introduced, this new audience is very likely to participate in future sales, which goes beyond the marketplace itself and directly increases demand for the NFT industry and ecosystem as a whole.

To celebrate, The Crypt Gallery would like to share a story that highlights the same reason why many of us joined this industry in the first place.

Because of the art.

Today, we introduce two artists for their genesis drop on Nifty Gateway. Not only drawn to their artistic abilities, but captivated by the simplicity, beauty and purity of their journey, we welcome Dianave and Nolan Martin.

Born in Moldova, Diana moved to Romania to study graphic design while continuing to paint as a hobby. The pandemic, however, shifted her focus deeper into the digital as she began to explore NFTs and the advantages blockchain technology offers. Slowly breaking into the industry, Diana started to not only mint digital versions of her art, but also provided collectors with physicals through either paintings or prints. Determined to make art her future, Diana decided to build a stronger relationship with her audience and the community, while also further developing her personal brand.

Nolan is a Canadian 3D artist and animator based in Ontario, who has experience working with and creating astonishing visuals for major artists and musicians including Wiz Khalifa, Lil Baby, Cardi B, Migos, Doja Cat, Jack Harlow (Jimmy Kimmel live) and Meghan Trainor. Also discovering NFTs during the pandemic, Nolan began minting his 3D artworks and engaging with the community.

There, he discovered Diana’s mandalas. Not only mesmerized by the art, but also reminded of the ornaments he creates, Nolan initiated conversation. With what began as a friendship and strong connection later led to a relationship that would change both their lives.

Diana and Nolan now live together in Ontario, spending most of their time creating, traveling, and, most importantly, continuing their journey in the NFT space together.

Because of the art.


This collection aims to highlight how art can be simple yet powerful, visible yet invisible. And above all else, how the value and impact of art goes beyond our control.


Fine artist and graphic designer, Diana was born in Moldova and is currently based in Canada. Drawing inspiration from architecture, ornaments, nature and designs around her, Diana creates various types of mandalas, available both as physical paintings and digital versions. As a graphic designer, Diana also emphasizes the importance of her personal brand and presentation, taking the time to design and ship all physical products in luxury packaging. She is also a part of The Crypt Gallery team, creating all the main content and hype reels for their social media.


French Lily

May your soul be pure and innocent, and your body be your temple.

Edition of 10

Ranked Auction

Highest bidder will receive physical 8″ 8″ painting

Bids over $100 will receive a high quality signed physical print

Nolan Martin


25 year old based in Canada, focused on Ornamental/Baroque art.

I have been making digital artwork since I was a young teen. Since then I knew I always wanted to be an artist and get to create things for other people. Being creative and creating things for others to enjoy is my passion. The meaning to my life is getting to be creative and make things for other people to enjoy. When I create my artworks, I feel calm and at ease. I want to evoke those emotions in other people.


Reine du désespoir

This ornament was designed to express the depths of human desperation about being in power. Death does not spare power.

Edition of 10

Ranked Auction

Bids over $100 will receive a high quality signed physical print

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