The Jaguars Dao will build a collection of prominent digital art

Jaguars DAO launches this week. The collection of 10,000 NFTs will allow the holders to be a part of an extensive collection of digital art.

Jaguars DAO is a private collection of digital art managed by community

To be precise, Jaguars DAO is an experiment to create a private digital art collection managed by a community. It will give the community complete control over how it operates. The number one goal of the DAO is to grow the number of rare and valuable NFTs within the Jaguars DAO wallet.

A private collection of community-owned art.

There are three types of reveals for the primary collection of the 10,000 Ethereum NFTs. It features two collections of characters by different artists with a combination of over 360 traits.

However, due to the DAO having complete control, this could change in the future. For example, should the DAO decide so, the community could see two different art pieces combine into one, creating a gif with two alternating characters.

If this happens, the metadata and the rarity of the two collections will create even rarer combinations and traits. This is the beauty of the Jaguars DAO, providing complete independence and control to the community.

Additionally, Holders will have the ability to stake their Jaguars to earn $JAGA tokens, which have utility functions. Users will stake LP tokens in a JAGA/ETH pair and earn $JAGA.

It is a fascinating concept, and Jaguars DAO has pulled out all the stops in their pursuit of this goal. It feels a lot different to many profit-driven NFT collections currently available on the market.

Jaguars DAO is using 51% of mint and 75% of royalties for funds.

Self Funded DAO

In fact, the founders of Jaguars DAO will let the money do the talking with this entirely self-funded, independent and self-managed DAO.

Jaguars DAO relies on community and funds. They will ensure this through the community wallet. Significantly, a staggering 51% of this initial mint will go straight to the community wallet, around 500 ETH ($2 million). 

Furthermore, a breathtaking 75% of all secondary sales through OpenSea, Rarible & possibly Coinbase (when it opens) will go straight to the community wallet every week. Meanwhile, the community will buy existing established art and new work each month from upcoming collections. Voting will be at the heart of everything the DAO does.

Jaguars DAO uses Gnosis safe and Snapshot

To ensure Jaguars Dao represents the community, the founders will deploy Multisig technology based on Gnosis safe, ensuring the collection is managed through decentralization.

Basically, the wallet will allow the automatic execution of voting-based commands.

To summarize, items purchased or any other interaction with contracts within the DAO will be automatically carried out, guided by community votes’ results.

In addition, once minting is complete, the DAO will onboard community members with signing rights. You can view the wallet here

Voting will begin as soon as the minting starts. Holders will vote on every decision. To ensure that voting runs smoothly, the DAO is using Snapshot, the gasless on-chain voting protocol. You can view the voting protocol for Jaguars DAO here.

Jaguars DAO own galleries in Decentraland, Sandbox and CrypoVoxels.

Jaguars DAO metaverse

The metaverse is becoming incredibly popular, and the founders realize this. The DAO must occupy space in projects such as Decentraland, Sandbox, and CryptoVoxels.

Furthermore, founders contributed to the community and purchased four plots of land (worth several thousand) for the community wallet.

The Decentraland gallery for digital representation is already being built. You can view the MVP version here.

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