The Most Handy NFT Collection on The Solana Blockchain

CryptoBars is the NFT collection to satisfy your craving! These handsome bulls produce the most delicious digital bars – and they’re ready to take over the market. Now you can get a taste of today’s top cryptocurrencies, so let’s find out more!

CryptoBars is a brand new NFT collection ready to please your taste buds via Solana.

What is the CryptoBars NFT project?

CryptoBars is a collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Each of these unique NFT bulls are randomly generated using more than 125 hand-drawn traits, including clothing and accessories. Now, they’ve came out of their stable with a single goal: to sell their delicious bars to the hungriest collectors.

Surprisingly, the bars also boast a wide range of flavors including the most popular cryptocurrencies to date. SOL, BTC and DOGE, are just a few, with more to be revealed along the way. Luckily, you can find your favorite flavored bar right now for exactly 1 SOL, as minting is open on the official website!

Each CryptoBars NFT is created using more than 125 unique traits, resulting in exquisite bull personalities.

What are the perks of holding Bulls and Bars NFTs?

These bulls are the ultimate definition of awesomeness – but there’s so much more to them.

First of all, CryptoBars is among the few NFT projects offering transparency in terms of identity. In fact, all of the Netherlands-based company information can be found right on the website – so that you know where your investment is going.

Secondly, the CryptoBar collection includes several special NFTs that might be more valuable. According to the project website, the main special NFTs are the STONKS Bull, the Anti Money Laundering Bull, the 420 Lover, and the DeGen Trader. If you don’t get either of these bulls, don’t worry – the team promises to reveal more surprises soon!

Until then, you can take part in the project’s missing bull contest. In essence, CryptoBars is offering a $5,000 reward to the lucky holder of a special $BTC CryptoBar! Isn’t that cool?

Furthermore, the project roadmap promises even more exciting things to come very soon – so let’s check it out.

From contests to giveaways and special rewards, CryptoBars is ready to entertain its community members. credits: CryptoBars

The project roadmap revealed

Right now, the team is already preparing a $50K huge marketing campaign (at 10% minting). Next, to celebrate the minting of 25% of the NFTs, project admins will buy fan art using no less than $25,000!

Once the project surpasses 50% in minting, each CryptoBar NFT holder will receive physical merch for free. So far, the team didn’t reveal any details, but they did mention stickers, shirts, and other surprise goodies are all involved.

Then, after selling 75% of the Solana-based NFTs, the team will activate the floor-sweeping mechanism. As a result, 50% of the revenue from secondary sales will be used to buy and burn CryptoBars NFTs on various marketplaces. This will raise the collection floor price and its overall value.

When the CryptoBars collection will sell out, each holder will receive an exclusive companion NFT for their special bull. In addition, the community will gain access to a secret Telegram group featuring the latest news and gem alerts to stay on top of the NFT game.

If you’re ready to mint your own CryptoBar today, check out the official website of the project and its minting site. Make sure to follow the project via Twitter and Telegram for exclusive updates and announcements too!

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