The NFT Community is Still So Young….Literally

Leading NFT Influencer and ZenAcademy founder Zeneca posted an interesting poll on Twitter about the NFT Community. Particularly, what is the specific age group leading the billion-dollar NFT industry that’s been transforming the art, gaming and collectible scene.

Millennials are leading the NFT charge, according to Zeneca’s poll! Credit: Twitter (@zeneca.eth)

Leading Age Group: NFT Community

A few hours ago, Zeneca candidly asked his over 225,000 followers which age group they fall under. His underlying intention, of course, is to provide a critical marketing insight about the NFT community and back it up with some numbers.

As of press time, over 6013 NFT Collectors and enthusiasts have voted. Unsurprisingly, the top bracket is 25-35 years old, aka the Millenials. The poll will run for six more hours but a change in distribution is highly unlikely because the poll leader has a 45.2% share.

The poll result actually conforms to a study by Stilts about the cryptocurrency interest by age group. The key finding is that 94% of all cryptocurrency buyers are Gen Z or Millennials (18-40 years old). However, the age distribution is not everything. The research also revealed that Gen X buyers purchased an average of $9,611 crypto last year. Meanwhile, Millennials bought $8,596 and Gen Zers bought $6,120.

It is also important to note that this figure is not yet set in stone because the industry itself is new. The $41 Billion NFT industry is still in its early days and has yet to achieve mainstream adoption. As more brands get involved, they would bring along their own customer base, which could alter the target market. For example, McDonald’s, Nike, Coca-Cola, Taco Bell and Walmart will all double down their NFT efforts this 2022.

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