The Project with Delicious Utility and a Lambo Giveaway!

The word Charcuterie conjures up an image in the mind of delicious food and pleasant times with loved ones. Now, Charcuterie Labs is bringing the unique dining experience to the blockchain with the world’s first Charcuterie NFT. And with its presale beginning on Jan. 29th, you won’t have to wait long to buy one of these mouthwatering NFTs.

The Charcuterie NFT goes on sale at 10 am PST, Jan. 29th. Credit: Charcuterie NFT

The NFT project highlights Charcuterie as an art form

Creating a colorful, flavorful, and enticing charcuterie board is a delicate art form. What’s more, you can add anything to it. There are no rules, and Charcuterie Labs is setting out to prove this with its NFTs.

Each Charcuterie NFT board is different and programmatically generated from over 200 hand-drawn different assets. Furthermore, the vectorized assets are then randomly generated based on their rarity. This will create a collection of unique charcuterie boards.

There are 6,200 Charcuterie Board NFTs in total. Each board includes a mixture of items; some are traditional charcuterie items, such as meat, grapes, and cheese. However, there are also several items you wouldn’t expect. In fact, there are a few fun surprises in the mix, such as doughnuts, bananas, and sushi. 

The Charcuterie NFTs will go on sale on January 29th, for 0.059 ETH. Firstly is the presale which begins at 10 am PST, followed by the main sale, starting an hour later at 11 am PST. 

Charcuterie NFT features a number of visually stunning designs highlighting the art form.

“wen Lambo?” Charcuterie NFT offers access to exclusive parties and other incredible utilities

One of the most exciting parts of this NFT collection is the utility it offers through Charcuterie Labs’ events. Indeed, the Charcuterie NFT is not just a beautiful piece of art but is also an access token. With it, holders get lifetime access to exclusive parties.

These will range from small intimate gatherings to large-scale events and will take place in major cities worldwide. This makes Charcuterie NFTs some of the first in the space to offer exclusive in-person dining events to its holders.

In addition to lifetime access to extraordinary events, Charcuterie NFT is holding a unique giveaway for its holders. To clarify, the team plans to raffle off a Huracán EVO Lamborghini! In this way, the Charcuterie NFT is making good on the “wen Lambo” crypto meme in a way no project has ever done before. Not to mention the fact that the winner of the giveaway will get to choose between the Lambo or its cash equivalent of $230,000.

These aren’t the only impressive utilities in the project roadmap. For example, Charcuterie Labs plans to give 5 ETH to the charity, “Feeding The Hungry”. This donation will take place after selling 50% of the NFT collection. Another checkpoint on the roadmap is the formation of the Charcuterie DAO, at 75% sold.

Notably, 100% of secondary NFT sales will go to the DAO. Holders just need one NFT to participate. The DAO will issue the token $MEAT to NFT holders, which will allow them to take part in the governance of the DAO. Thus, they can vote on where funds are allocated, and other community and charity initiatives.

Every person who buys a Charcuterie NFT is entered into a prize draw to win a Lamborghini.

Charcuterie Labs already planning future projects

All in all, the Charcuterie NFTs are an enticing genesis project from the Charcuterie Labs team. To that end, holders of the ‘OG’ token will have access to all future projects and drops. Some of which are already in the works!

Due to the NFT space’s issues with anonymous teams, it’s also worth mentioning that the team behind the project is partially doxed. To illustrate, both president and co-founder, Michael McQuaid and lead artist, Jessie Fox have their names and photographs on the project website. In addition, the team hosted a Twitter Space this past Monday, Jan. 24th, introducing the projects’ artists to its community.

With its delightful art and unique utilities, this NFT project is certainly one to watch! Head over to the official website to learn more about the project. And check out Charcuterie NFT on Twitter and Discord to stay in the loop.

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