The Sandbox LAND is Bugged! Users Pushed to Update Assets

Following a vulnerability in its LAND smart contract, The Sandbox has deployed a new version of the smart contract. Apparently, the vulnerability was first reported on December 25, 2021. Existing users will now have to migrate their LAND to the new LAND contract. But, this comes at no cost to the users. In other words, The Sandbox will cover all the gas costs involved.

The Sandbox has deployed a new LAND smart contract. Credits: The Sandbox

What was The Sandbox LAND vulnerability?

According to a blog post by The Sandbox, the vulnerability prevented the transfer and minting of new LAND. However, the company reiterated that the issues did not compromise any tokens. 

“The vulnerability has been fixed and the fix audited,” The Sandbox added. “It has not been exploited by any malicious user and has now been secured. Additionally, we have run thorough investigations on our other smart contracts and none of them are at risk.”

Actually, The Sandbox claimed that two top security firms, Certik and Solidified, extensively audited” its smart contracts. What’s more, the contracts had also received “ high-security scores”. Cetik audited The Sandbox’s LAND smart contract, in particular, in December 2019 over a two-week process. Yet, a year later, a security researcher, Danel Hazlewood discovered the vulnerability.

“Upon learning of the vulnerability, we took immediate action to fix the issue,” the company further said. After consulting with developers, it deployed the new smart contract on January 28. In addition, The Sandbox deployed several security measures to safeguard all LAND during the migration process. The same day, the company also released a new migration interface. All LAND owners can use this interface to migrate their tokens to the new contract. 

In addition to a gasless feature, the migration comes with no time limit. This means that the users can take their own time to migrate their LAND tokens.

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