The South Park NFT Episode Is Out And People Are Losing Their Minds

For much of NFT Twitter, South Park making jokes about NFTs only means one thing – We Made It! That’s right, the wildly popular cartoon aimed its most recent mockery at NFTs and the people who love them. NFT owners on Twitter shared the jokes far and wide following the premiere of the special episode.

(Warning: minor spoilers for South Park: Post COVID: The Return Of COVID to follow)

The new South Park special had some hilarious jabs at NFTs. Credit: Paramount Plus

New South Park Special Features Some Amazing NFT Jokes

The special episode of South Park is a sequel to the previous, “Post COVID” special. Without giving away too much of the set up, the new episode involves adult versions of the main four characters attempting to undo certain things that happened in the previous episode.

The main target of the NFT jabs in the episode, is the adult version of “Butters”, one of South Park’s many funny side characters. Hilariously, in this episode, Butters tries to get anyone who will listen to buy NFTs. In fact, Butters actually ends up in an institution because he won’t shut up about NFTs.

All in all there is one moment that really spread through NFT Twitter. It features the adult versions of Stan and Kyle at the aftermath of a grizzly event at a motel. In the scene, a firefighter delivers a bewildered speech to the two characters, filled with crypto and NFT jargon.

At one point he even shows off an NFT he managed to get during the carnage. To end the scene, the firefighter gets pulled away by a fellow firefighter who tells him to come look at a “small turtle with wings” that might make for a good investment.

NFT owners on Twitter celebrated the mentions in the South Park episode. Credit @EdgarAronov, | Twitter

NFT Owners Are No Strangers To Jokes Made At Their Expense

Of course NFTs have been the target of both jokes and hate as they pop up more and more in the mainstream. Even so, most NFT owners tend to have a sense of humor around these things. As a matter of fact, most of the tweets about the special from NFT owners showed a lot of excitement. Clearly they are quite proud that NFTS made it into South Park.

To be sure, there were plenty of anti-NFT people who were happy to laugh at the NFTs. For example, one such poster on Twitter said, “Watching the new South Park special and Butters started talking about NFT‘S and he got sprayed with a fire extinguisher and that’s honestly how we should handle that from now on.”

Unfortunately for that person, it seems like the NFT community is very much in on the joke.

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