The Story of VeeFriends: a timeline


“VeeFriends continues to be the culmination of so many things that I´d like to see in the world. The positive human traits that I think need to grow, and my continuation of passion in building an intellectual property in perpetuity,” said Gary Vaynerchuk, Creator & CEO of VeeFriends. “We are on track to achieve what I had envisioned for VeeFriends, and we will continue to create real-life value through these NFTs. I am excited for what’s to come and for the opportunity to grow this amazing community even more”.  

Gary Vaynerchuck

The Story of VeeFriends: a timeline

VeeFriends timeline

  • Feb 1, 2021

    Creation & Ideation of VeeFriends Series 1 began

  • Dec 20, 2021

    Gary Vaynerchuk announces VeeCon 2022 First Round of Speakers

     50 public figures from the NFT community, artists, celebrities, 

    entrepreneurs & entertainers are announced in the first round lineup for VeeCon 2022 in the U.S. Bank Stadium

  • May 11, 2021

    Birth of VeeFriends

    Launch of 268 VeeFriends and 10,255 tokens, all of which Gary 

    imagined, created and drew himself. 

  • Aug 27, 2021

    Twelve & A Half LiveStream & Creation of “VF Book Games” NFTs

    Gary announced that anybody who purchased twelve copies of his 

    new book, TWELVE AND A HALF, would receive a free NFT. After 

    selling over 1 million copies of TWELVE AND A HALF, 125,000 NFTs 

    were born. Those NFTs became known as the collection, Book Games.

  • Nov 17, 2021

    Brand Collaboration: Empathy Wine 

  • Dec 1, 2021

    Gift Goat Collaboration: Danny Cole & Creature World

    $1.52M Total Sales to Date 

    Gift #1 showcased the renowned artist of Creature World, Danny Cole. 

    Danny designed the NFT ‘Goats Arrival in Creature World’ in five editions of 111, each featuring their own unique colorway. The physical gift was a serialized silkscreen print made by Danny and signed by himself and 


  • Dec 17, 2021

    Brand Collaboration: Mattel Creations Teams Up with VeeFriends

     Collaboration Reimagines VeeFriends NFT characters as Collectible 

    UNO® cards with Unique Foil Inserts

  • Dec 18, 2021

    Brand Collaboration: VeeFriends x Carrots by Anwar Carrots Merch

     Collection was available in Nordstrom in select stores and online, as 

    well as on

  • Jan 28, 2022

    Gift Goat Collaboration: Profound & Pop Wonder

     $572K Total Sales to Date

    Gift Goat #2 featured a combination of artist Pop Wonder and clothing designer Profound. The founder of Profound, Faraz Zaidi, designed a 

    serialized windbreaker-style jacket that featured some of his favorite 

    VeeFriends. Pop Wonder’s NFT took his partner’s namesake very 

    seriously, designing five editions of 111 each depicting a meeting of the 

    Gift Goat & Profound Possum atop a mountain.

  • Mar 3, 2022

    Access Experiences: Podcast Panther 

    Record a podcast with Gary Vaynerchuk

  • Mar 7, 2022

    Brand Collaboration: zerocool x VeeFriends


    zerocool is partnering with Gary Vaynerchuk and his NFT Project, 

    VeeFriends, to launch their first trading card set through a 

    direct-to-consumer, Blind Dutch Auction

  • Mar 18, 2022

    Gift Goat Collaboration: Vans Sneakers & Isaac ‘Drift’ Wright

     $705K Total Sales to Date 

    Gift Goat #3 took Gary to new heights as he and daredevil photographer Isaac “Drift” Wright (Where My Vans Go) took flight over New York City for a photoshoot that featured their customized Vans sneakers. Isaac 

    created 37 editions of 15 photos, each depicting a unique New York City landscape. The physical gift was a customized pair of Vans sneakers 

    that featured the art Gary & Isaac drew on their sneakers for their flight

  • Mar 23, 2022

    VeeCon 2022 tickets Airdropped to all Series 1 VeeFriends holders

    VeeCon 2022 tickets Airdropped to all Series 1 VeeFriends holders

  • Apr 8, 2022

    Renowned NFT artist SnoFro revealed. 

    To commemorate the first ever VeeCon conference, VeeFriends is 

    honored to collaborate with Web 3 pioneer Erick ‘Snowfro’ Calderon. 

    Snowfro, the founder of Art Blocks, a first of its kind generative 

    blockchain platform, and creator of the Chromie Squiggle,

  • Apr 14, 2022

     VeeFriends Series 2 Launch

  • May 19, 2022

    VeeCon 2022 taking place in Minneapolis, Minnesota

About VeeFriends

  • Volume Traded: 49k ETH ($159.3M)

  • Market Cap: 179,637 ETH ($583.8M)

  • Discord Members: 341k (Largest NFT Discord community)

  • Total of 202,811 NFTs created in 1 year 

  • Total Holder count = 26,157:

    • Series 1 holders: 5,427

    • BG Holders: 20,054

    • Mini Drops Holders: 676

  • Highest Singular Sale: GOO Gold Empathy Elephant – 130ETH ($494,229)

 The NFT tokens will be released and available for purchase on

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