The Three Kingdoms promises a “New Era of Play-to-Earn Gaming”

The Three Kingdoms combines a piece of history with modern technology because it is the first play-to-earn metaverse and NFT project based on the ancient Chinese classic. The website description is a straight as an arrow: build the best kingdom, battle and siege with enemies. 

The Three Kingdoms is the first Metaverse project based on a piece of Chinese history. Credit: The Three Kingdoms

The Three Kingdoms: The Lore and Historical Reference

To fully appreciate the gameplay, you need to understand the historical reference. The Three Kingdoms from 220 to 280 AD was the tripartite division of China between the regions of Wei, Shu and Wu. Basically, China was divided into three spheres of influence: Cao Cao dominating the North, Sun Quan the South and Liu Bei, the west. The three fought for sixty years to conquer China and this is where the gameplay takes off.

The gameplay, lore and even NFT characters are strongly anchored on ancient Chinese Classic. Credit: The Three Kingdoms

According to the website, The Three Kingdoms’ land is modeled after the historical map of China subdivided into three regions. “For additional utility, these lands are where you can host, stake, and monetize events. Conquer and own your base of operations where you can fight and expand your territory.”

The Gameplay

The Three Kingdoms is a third-generation NFT game. The team asserts that first-generation NFTs provide idle gaming experiences that focus on digital collectibles. Meanwhile, second-generation NFTs are successful play-to-earn concepts that GameFi often adopts. However, it only offers limited ways to earn NFTs. 

As a third-generation NFT game, The Three Kingdoms promises to address the gaps of the earlier generations. For example, the lack of long-term engagement,  immersive storyline and outdated cartoony graphics. The new development will see The Three Kingdoms building a blockchain game that features multiple methods never seen before in the GameFi market to earn tokens. The team is confident that The Three Kingdoms will “become the first game that incorporates the idea of battling and sieging cities and a deep, engaging storyline providing a breath of fresh air to the GameFi landscape.”

The Three Kingdoms is a highly strategic game that rewards players for their achievements. Based on the recent Medium Blog, the game will feature “never seen before methods in the GameFi market to earn tokens.” Moreover, users can also host stake and monetize events in the game. The game experience will include building your base, expanding your territories, and winning battles to hook players further. 


Development is in full swing and the team plans to roll out passive gameplay by Q4.  Referred to as Phase 0, users will be able to earn NFTs by recruiting heroes via outskirts. The team also plans to include additional gameplay features such as the ability to siege empty cities (stake NFTs) and occupy cities (earn APY, In-game currency and NFTs) in 2022 (Phase 1).

The game is already generating a buzz and onboarding strategic partnerships. Credit: The Three Kingdoms

The team understands that to build the best game; you need the best talent. So they spent time recruiting games and NFT enthusiasts who wanted to revolutionize the NFT space and be part of something bigger. The same principle applies to its strategic partners. The game entered a deal with DAOMaker, the go-to platform for retail ventures investing in equity and tokens. The partners will be working together to introduce our project to the broader community. 

More information regarding the project’s developments is coming up, so make sure you stay tuned on their Twitter Page!

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