The trading card game launching at the end of the month

Hyped up NFT trading card game, Skyweaver is finally expected to have a soft launch at the end of this month. From November 25th, users can own and trade items on the game.

Skyweaver is finally exiting the beta stage and starting their ‘soft launch’ stage. Credit: Skyweaver

About the Launch

Skyweaver has been a game that’s been in private beta for a long time. To put it into context, they began Twitter in August of 2018, and a reveal trailer was posted on YouTube in July of 2019. It is fair to say that some people, who weren’t fortunate enough to get beta access have been waiting a long time to play this game. On Twitter, they have grown 13k followers on Twitter, including a follow from GaryVee. Notably, the video that was posted on YouTube by Horizon Blockchain Games is currently at 40,000 views.

Following a successful beta stage for the project, it is about to move on to its soft launch. To clarify, this means that the player economy will go live on the main net. After this, players can earn rewards by playing the game, and trade assets on the marketplace. It is important to note that as the soft launch represents the next major phase in the project, all current players progress will reset to zero, so that there is an even playing field as Skyweaver becomes a player-economy driven platform. Going forward, the game will operate on a play-to-own basis, allowing members to win silver and gold cards through skilled competitive gameplay, which then belong wholly to the player to battle, trade and gift as they see fit. Additionally, the soft launch starts the move onto the Polygon network, which has lower gas fees. 

About Skyweaver

It is set to be a free-to-play game. Allowing users to “summon creatures, cast spells, and battle other Skyweavers to win new cards”. The company also added: “(the game is) easy for anyone to learn. Deep and complex for card game masters”. You can play casually or aim to become the most legendary Skyweaver. There are different kinds of cards: Strength, wisdom, heart, agility and intellect. These cards have different strengths and weaknesses.

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