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The Weirdos are a nostalgic, adult-themed universe where your NFT unlocks varying and exclusive levels of access, utility and weirdness. As a member of the gang, you will help to build this weird universe alongside award-winning animator and illustrator, Ghostbreath. The story began with 412 hand-drawn, ‘OG’ Weirdos but The Weirdoverse will shortly be turned on its head by the arrival of 9,272 Clones, the outbreak of war and ‘Project W’. We were luck enough to sit down with the team and learn more about this amazing art and project.

What is the project’s launch date?

Well, we’re a little weird and decided to do things differently. We released 412 hand drawn, 1/1 characters across 3 series, and we’ve used these as an opportunity to start building The Weirdoverse and bring together a community of fanatical Weirdos. 

But we are now razor-focused on building to the Cloning Event, a generative drop that will see 9,272 characters enter the Weirdoverse. We have not committed to a firm date but we are targeting late March for this.

How did you come up with the ideas?

The Weirdoverse has been steadily brewing away in the mind of our artist, Ghostbreath, for decades. He is a sponge for cartoons, animation, comics, collectibles and just about all forms of culture. With the help of the rest of Team Weirdo, all of that has been shaken and stirred, distilled and extracted – we’ve then structured every element of the project around the core crazily weird narrative that emerged.

What makes this project unique?

  • The art is unique and instantly recognisable. The project also includes both 1/1 art and generative art, In fact, the generative art builds upon the 1/1 art in a narrative-driven way; the 412 ‘genesis’ Weirdos will clone parts of themselves to create the 9,272 generative ‘clones’.
    • The generative collection. We feel we have an opportunity to set new standards and redefine collector expectations. This collection will look and feel like 14 different sub collections – 7 x Weirdo factions and 7 x State factions. The resulting breadth of character types, sizes and design will make this a hugely complex but also super interesting challenge.
  • We’re delivering, not promising. We take execution very seriously. What better way to prove that we deliver value to our collectors than, eerrm, actually delivering value? We:
  • Launched Series 2 and 3 on our own smart contract (almost unheard of with 1/1 art);
      • Optimised our contract for gas by building on recent developments in the space;
      • A system of in-Discord games that helped us to automatically build our Cream List (there’s no white lists in The Weirdoverse)
  • Rat milk. A fun, weird and highly engaging concept that has allowed us to incentivise the right actions in the right way. Our advice? Just jump into our Discord and start collecting.

How big is the team and what are their roles?

The core team consists of 5 founders

The wider team

  • JSN – Award winning website designer
  • Jon Sharples – Consultant IP lawyer
  • An amazing team of moderators who keep the weirdness (and rat milk) flowing

What is the price?

  • We have not made a final decision on price 
  • We have a price range broadly agreed internally but we are reluctant to communicate this give the fact that we are still at least 5 weeks away from our drop and, as we all know, both the space and the price of ETH can change rapidly

Why is that price fair?

  • Firstly, we feel that it is both fair and responsible to delay committing to a price until nearer the time. We are asking our community to place their faith in us and this extends to our ability to set a price that reflects, and adapts to, the environment at the time
  • When selecting the price, we will take a number of factors into account, most notably:
    • Our financial modelling of the ETH we need to execute on our road map;
    • Our confidence in our ability to deliver value to our collectors (this will in no small part be informed by what we have delivered up to the point we make the decision); and
    • How our community and the wider NFT community are reacting to the prices being set by other projects.

What is the Mint Size?

  • 9,272, which is a ‘Weird Number’ by the way.

Are there any mechanics we should know about?

  • Rat milk! A vital unit of exchange in The Weirdoverse and the most fun you can have on Discord whether you’ve got your clothes on or off.

What is your approach to intellectual property rights?

  • Firstly, we have made this a key priority and have engaged an IP lawyer that specialises in emerging technologies, including NFTs. We are also fortunate to have an ex-commercial lawyer in our core team, something which is proving useful when communicating with our community.
  • We are taking a participatory approach to defining what IP rights will be given to token holders and to non-holders, and we have already received invaluable input and feedback from our community (this is being funnelled through a dedicated Discord channel).
  • We have not yet finalised these rights, but we strongly believe that the best approach is to create our own bespoke licensing terms that grants holders a limited licence.
  • However, we expect these terms to evolve and adapt to the changing objectives of the project, to feedback from the community and to wider trends in the NFT/Web3 space (and beyond). More generally, we intend to start from a position of reserving rights and then consider opening things up as we go along, in consultation with our community. 

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