There’s a new NFT scam and it’s cheeky as hell

Crypto and NFT scams are getting more creative, more sophisticated, and you can never be too cautious in protecting your digital assets these days. As the National Football League’s (NFL) Super Bowl LVI is just 2 weeks away, a new scam has surfaced in the NFT community.

Scam Alert! Credit: @MetaBored2648
Scam Alert! Credit: @BigBullGashi

The Scam Breakdown

Basically, NFT holders will receive an invitation from the ‘NFL commissioner’ to use their NFTs in the Super Bowl half time commercial. The selected NFT owners need to respond to the invitation by providing their security phrases before February 5. In return, they will receive a WETH offer. Unsurprisingly, NFT holders that were selected consist of those that hold blue chip projects such as BAYC.

Several NFT holders have shared their invitations on Twitter. Sadly, there are still many who are not aware of this scam. Based on the Twitter comments, some have even expressed their admiration towards those that have received such invitations.

Many NFT headlines are currently circling the community regarding the NFL Super Bowl’s NFT integration. For instance, the NFL released a series of commemorative virtual tickets to create more one-to-one experiences for fans. In addition, several Twitter influencers have stated the possibility of the Bored Ape Yacht Club being featured in the Super Bowl halftime show. The NFT hype surrounding this mega event may lead owners of notable NFT projects to fall for such scams.

Interestingly, NFT scams are so rampant these days that some insurance providers are already providing coverage for digital assets. In any case, the rules of thumb is very clear: NEVER give away your security phrases.


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