Thetan Arena Amasses 6 Million Players 2 Weeks Post-Launch

Christmas came early for Thetan Arena! The BSC blockchain game just set a new record in the NFT gaming scene as the first to hit 6 Million players two weeks post-launch.

We’ve been following the roll-out of this play-to-earn game since the release of its Open Beta on mobile and PC last October. The highly anticipated game really delivered and took off ever since the full release last November 27. Aside from the incredible active users, the game also stormed store charts, sitting at #2 in the App store in all categories shortly after release.

Big day for Thetan Arena’s team! Credit: Twitter (@ThetanArena)

Thetan Arena’s Meteoric Rise to the Top

In essence, Thetan Arena is a blockchain-based esport game. Players can gather their friends, form a team, battle with others and earn money with just their skills. So the gameplay revolves around showcasing personal skills and teamwork. As expected, the community’s positive reception to the Open Beta set the stage for the game’s full release.

The game has two tokens: Thetan Coins (THC) and Thetan Gem (THG). Players receive THC by participating in virtual battles and can use it to buy other NFTs. On the other hand, THG works as a governance token. The successful launch has positively impacted the price action of both coins.

As of press time, Thetan Coin is trading at $0.1810. The token has seen a trading volume of $1.5 Million n the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, Thetan Gems are trading at $8.03. It is up by 9.8% and recorded over$7 Million in trading volume in the last 24 hours.

More About the Gameplay

Thetan Arena’s gameplay revolves around combining individual skills & team coordination to triumph in 2 different game modes: MOBA & Battle Royale. Wolffun Game developed the e-sport game and KardiaChain’s blockchain technology is powering it.

Users can earn THC tokens in the game, which are used to speed up their progress and unlock new heroes, weapons and abilities for use in the game. Thetan Arena thus continues to defy industry expectations by combining the familiarity of a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with casual gameplay that can be enjoyed on a mobile device.

So what’s next for Thetan Arena?

The team released a roadmap on the website outlining the plans and milestones that the project hopes to achieve. So during the first quarter, we can look forward to the launch of guilds and cosmetic system. Then, the team will roll out the pets system, guild quest and staking by the second quarter. By the end of the year, all major functionalities will be available, so the team will focus on monthly content, offline events and Live ops to further boost the growth.

You can learn more from the game’s official website! Meanwhile, we compiled a list of 5 Blockchain games that you can actually play today.

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