Tina Eisen Drops Ecstasy II on MakersPlace (1 of 1) – NFTeducation.org

Ecstasy II Reserve Price Ξ 1  Only on MakersPlace

Photographer – Digital Creator – Analog Mixed Media Artist

Welcome to my mind – a place where most people’s fears are turned into an obscure piece of art.
I can tell you what bees taste like, the feeling of broken glass to my bare, fragile tongue, the touch of furry mould on your skin, that’s gotta be worth something.

And all along you feel confused, bewildered, even scared and disgusted and it makes me proud, because in a world of monotony… I made you FEEL.

Tina Eisen is a famous photographer that entered the NFT world exploring beauty and isolation. Her work has been featured across the globe from fashion to art shows like art basel and everything in between.  Many of her 1/1’s are collected by the top names in the space including 888.

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