To Dump or Not to Dump Your Jungle Freak NFT?

Following the viral emergence of George Trosley’s racist illustrations from the 1970s, Jungle Freaks by Trosley suffered major losses over the past week. With average sale prices near 2 ETH in late October and a current floor of .4 ETH, the project’s longevity is in serious danger. Additionally, with an 80% drop in volume over the past 24 hours, even the short-term indicators on this project look damning.

While I will never actively root against a project, I want to equip my readers with the full gambit of allegations against Jungle Freaks so they may make informed decisions and opinions.

How Bad Were Trosley’s 1970s llustrations?

The images were absolutely horrific, but you can judge for yourself. Some of Trosley’s early, racist works are shown below.

To compound the allegations of racism against the Trosleys, it appears that the General’s Hat attribute is based on a Nazi general’s hat.

Damage Control

As these images surfaced, activists and token holders took to Twitter and Discord. Several token holders dumped their Jungle Freak, some listed for as low as .001 ETH, others sent their Jungle Freak to the ETH burn address. Elijah Wood, a former Jungle Freak’s token holder released the following tweet.

In response to the tanking prices and growing backlash, the Trosleys put out the following video and blog post.

Trosley defends his early work, calling it satirical, pointing to anti-KKK, and other controversial cartoons he drew while at Hustler Magazine. The Trosleys also attempted to absolve themselves of racism by mentioning their relationship to Larry Flynt (creator of Hustler Magazine).

For some backstory, Larry Flynt was shot and partially paralyzed by a white supremacist in response to a Hustler pornographic scene involving a black man and a white woman.

In essence, a part of the Trosley defense devolved into: our friend was shot by a white supremacist so, we aren’t racist but do your own research.

The Damage Has Already Been Done

Although the Trosleys put forth an argument defending the racist cartoons, Jungle Freaks is beyond repair. Since the roots of the NFT community are so heavily apolitical, any NFT collection that brings a whiff of toxic ideology is doomed.

NFTs became popular when political polarization was at its peak. Everybody had strong feelings on the US Presidential Election, Brexit, BLM, Coronavirus, etc. It felt like NFTs were a reprieve from the toxic hate spewed in every other corner of social media. Instead of rallying around an ideology or political figure, the NFT community rallied around cartoon apes stored on a blockchain.

Ultimately, NFTs should be used to build communities, not factions. While I know selling an NFT at a loss is hard, the tokens in your wallet, the projects you decide to support, say something about you.

With volume in free fall, a haphazard defense against allegations, and the repetitional damage from holding a Jungle Freak, the signs are clear. This author believes you should dump your Freak.

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