Top 10 Most Valuable Celebrity NFT Portfolios in November

Which celebrities had the most valuable portfolio this month?

This month’s top 10 celebrity NFT portfolios list features a new number one in the face of serial entrepreneur and NFT enthusiast Gary Vee. With upwards of $100 million worth of NFTs, most of which comes from his own collection Vee Friends, Gary Vee blows past last month’s number one Snoop Dogg. 

The famous rapper now ranks second, with a rather impressive $14 million worth of NFTs. Still, this is a significant decline in valuation compared to data from October, when Snoop owned NFTs worth upwards of $24 million. There is an explanation for that steep decrease in value, but we’ll get to that later on. 

Impressively, all portfolios featured in this list contain NFTs worth upwards of half a million dollars. To see the complete list of the top 10 most valuable celebrity NFT portfolios in November, check out the handy video below or scroll down to explore these celeb wallets. 

An important note here is that celebrities attract a lot of attention to their wallets and receive thousands of NFTs as gifts. We have manually sifted through all of these celebrity wallets to bring readers a more filtered view. For that to happen, we’ve excluded NFTs that are gifted to these wallets. Consider this if you see discrepancies between this list and the values displayed on the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker. 

Top 10 most valuable celebrity NFT portfolios in November

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What’s new in November’s top 10?

Thanks to Gary Vee’s portfolio entering the charts, there have been significant shifts in the ranking. Additionally, there is one more new entry to the list. Rapper Post Malone landed sixth in this month’s rich list, with an NFT portfolio worth $568.000. The previous top 3 wallets have all shifted one position down as Gary Vee took the top spot.

An important note we cannot overlook is that despite the falling price of Ethereum, all ten wallets contain NFTs worth upwards of $500.000. The recent price dives for ETH have led to significant drops in the valuation of some of these portfolios. For example, Alexis Ohanian acquired 36 new NFTs in the past month, yet his portfolio valuation decreased by around $100.000.

Beeple’s portfolio is an even more impressive example of the power ETH price has on these valuations. The digital artist acquired a whopping 167 new NFTs in November. However, his portfolio valuation dropped by more than $262.00. Beeple barely made it to the top ten, snatching the second to last ninth place with $501.000 worth of NFTs. 

Battling hard against the current, LaMello Ball has been active in the NFT space in November. The basketball player climbs two spots and now ranks eighth with a portfolio worth $518.000. While LaMello Ball only added two Bricktopians NFTs, his portfolio value increased by $151,890. 

Looking at the distribution of professions across the list, trends from previous editions are confirmed. The wealthiest celebs in the NFT space tend to be musicians, entrepreneurs, or professional sports players. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring celebrity wallets as more of them embrace NFT culture and make the jump into the space. If you want to check out more celebrity wallets, visit our official Crypto Hollywood page. Additionally, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter and Discord to get the latest updates on who did what in the NFT space.

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