Tory Lanez reaches out to his new favorite collection, Divine Anarchy

Tory Lanez recently came across a Divine Anarchy NFT of himself, and has absolutely fallen in love with the project and its art. The Canadian rapper has expressed his grief over missing out, and would love to buy Divine Anarchy #290. Interestingly, the Divine Anarchy team has responded that they will take action. Although it is unclear how the team intends to do so at this point.

Will Tory Lanez bag this piece? Credit: OpenSea

The NFT “#290 – Tory Lanez” is currently listed on OpenSea. The owner of this piece, @dhmz777 immediately took action after the Tory Lanez tweet, and has announced the listing on Twitter yesterday. However, the piece has a hefty price tag of 69ETH, way above any Divine Anarchy piece. While everyone knows Tory is well able to afford it, it will be interesting to see if he actually makes the purchase.

Tory Lanez is no stranger to the NFT spotlight, and is actively involved in the space. The DecentarLabs founder launched their limited 3NITY series which is continuing to gain popularity.

It’s yours for 69ETH. Credit: @dhmz777

Divine Anarchy

At a glance, Divine Anarchy looks like just another 10k PFP project with amazing artwork. However, this one comes with a twist. The anime NFT uses game theory and community choice to add utility, excitement, and community building into the project.

The 10k citizens are split into heroes and nemesis, each owning a vote (1VP) in the Divine Tribunal. However, the team has appointed Adan (1,000 VP), Eva (1,000), and 8 Monarchs (2,000 VP) that hold the majority of the voting power. After the winners have been decided, 500 good and 500 bad ascension apples will be given to the winning and losing side respectively.

All 5,000 from the winning side will automatically be eligible for ascension, whereas only 500 losers with the good ascension apples may ascend. Nevertheless, recipients of bad apples can opt to sacrifice their existing NFTs in return for an ascended version. Subsequently, the team will airdrop ascended characters to the respective wallets.

In addition, the community is also anticipating the release of the spirit animals. Selected citizens will receive 1 of 9 spirit animals to guide them through these tense times.

Evidently, the team has developed an exciting project, filled with amazing artwork. Do check out the Divine Anarchy collection on OpenSea.


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