Traversing Physical & Digital Art with Real Nifty and Matt Vegh

Physical NFTs could outperform the multi-billion dollar art market

There’s a quiet revolution underway in the NFT world. After a brief start in 2021, hybrid physical-digital NFTs show real long-term promise. These NFTs refer to products that offer the digital encryption that we all know, as well as a unique physical object. The company Real Nifty helps artists, musicians, investors and more understand this physical-world NFT revolution, bringing exciting projects to bear such as the upcoming Mosaic NFT Drop with artist Matt Vegh on 15th December.

For the first time in history, The NFT market trading volume reached 10 billion dollars in trading volume the third quarter of this year. While an impressive number, it scratches the surface when compared to real-world investments such as art, architecture or real estate. These assets value trillions of dollars. 

Clearly, the NFT world remains digital for the time being, although certain trailblazers have made the leap from digital to the physical form. To date, ‘real-world’ NFTs cover million-dollar price tags such as sales at distinguished auction house Christie’s, down to Kings of Leon albums sold in NFT, and limited-edition vinyl form.  

The ‘hybrid’ NFT trend is also ramping up in the music world. Startups like Opulous deliver DeFi and NFT copyrights to songs and EPs. Elsewhere, there are further signs of physical NFT maturity. TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington sold his apartment as an NFT during peak NFT hype in May this year. 

Overall, it looks like the distinction between the real and digital world for NFTs is increasingly blurry. What once was seen as an edgy cultural phenomenon could become an economic transformation agent. It may revolutionize the way we own assets across the globe. 

But it begs the question. Why are there so few companies lending a guiding hand to investors and artists looking to traverse this uncharted physical-digital territory? 

What a Nifty Idea

Real Nifty is among the trailblazers, a pioneer of the NFT physical world. Its mission is to encourage NFT collectors to ‘get real’ – to get a physical NFT in their portfolio. It boils down to preparing and positioning investors’ portfolios ready for the real world NFT revolution. Because as with most things in crypto, it can only remain on the fringes for so long.

Real Nifty has one groundbreaking physical-digital project underway. Matt Vegh, a graphic novelist and digital artist, has developed a Mosaic NFT that works and grows in conjunction with the community. But it’s more than just a piece of art, as it’s a journey that transcends the physical and digital.
Taking 9 months of painstaking exploration and experimentation, the Mosaic NFT is a mesmerizing project created from 1250 tile pieces. Featuring abstract images and wonderful textures and colours, each tile has been photographed from two different angles to be fully appreciated. The birds-eye view photograph takes the digital form, while the physical form is beautiful

Get Real, NFTs

Critically, however, collectors who invest in at least 9 of the Tile NFTs will have the opportunity to ‘crystalize’ these into an order of their choosing. This will be done by using a 3×3 online grid that will be available after the initial drop day. You can then receive the matching physical mosaic that Matt Vegh will personally fuse together into the matching design you’ve chosen and mail to you in the real world–free of charge. Investors can literally get their hands on precious art to be showcased and cherished at home. It’s a novel way of consuming art. Physical NFTs may soon find a home in NFT collectors’ portfolios.

This physical-digital collection is the first of its kind by Real Nifty, but it’s already growing in popularity and appeal. Plus, Real Nifty is offering an easy way to participate directly in the movement. The first Mosaic NFT drop takes place on December 15th, with Tile NFTs starting at 0.028 ETH. You can follow the sale and get your hands on a real-life mosaic here.

Whether you’re an NFT OG with your skin and bone in the game; or an enthusiast keen for a flutter–an NFT linked to a physical counterpart is something people outside of the NFT ecosystem would understand. And maybe it’ll help persuade them to explore the weird and wonderful world of NFTs. So set your reminder for December 15th, and grab a real piece of history with Matt Vegh and Real Nifty.

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