Troy Baker makes plans for a voice-based NFT project, then abandons it.

The famous actor behind Batman’s ‘The Joker’, Troy Baker, previously announced a collaboration with VoiceVerseNFT. Mainly, the goal was to create NFT drops featuring Baker’s voice.

The overwhelmingly negative reaction to the initial announcement appears to have forced Baker, who is normally active on social media, to take a break from Twitter.

But then why did Troy Baker drop the Plan?

Troy decided to end the partnership because of the ongoing controversy with VoiceVerseNFT. Basically, the company used voice clips from another provider without permission. As a result, Troy received negative feedback from the community. To explain, Baker announced his partnership with Voiceverse earlier this month (January 14), attracting criticism for his support of a company that many saw as potentially automating voice actors’ performance work. Additionally, Baker’s antagonistic tone in the announcement also drew significant criticism, with Baker telling followers, “You can hate. You can also create. “What will it be?” he asked. Almost immediately, he realized his mistake and apologized. Eventually, Troy announced the end of his partnership 17 days after declaring it.

Meanwhile, no further information has been released, though Baker did say that “intentions aside, I’ve heard you and apologize for accusing anyone of ‘hating’ just for disagreeing with me.”

Simultaneously, in a response, VoiceVerse wrote “We have mutually decided to end our partnership with Troy Baker, and will double-down our resources and efforts to execute on our roadmap, further our vision as the voice of Web3.0, and strengthen our community as well as the broader NFT ecosystem.”

Besides, Troy isn’t the only one since Worms developer Team17 also announced to discontinue their partnership with Reality Gaming Group.


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