Trump loving idiot gets his own NFT Collection but does anyone care?

Although he was all about touting Trump, NFT dreams are the next sight for Jacob Chansley. Admittedly, White House insurrection seems like one of those nasty memories we would probably all like to forget. Hearing about how the incarcerated are going to “get their dream body at the prison gym” and to “work on themselves” got a bit tiring.  But thanks to him, we are talking about it again.


Whilst the large majority of creatives starting or progressing in NFT technology and creation are their for the technically revolutionary side or for the ability to create new forms of art. However, there are – of course – insufferable dickheads that like to get in on the action too.

That’s the guy, you probably remember him, right? Credit: Robert Nickelsberg

Remember the guy who wore a viken style horned hat, draped in the confederate flag with the amercian flag plastered on his face? Yeah I wish I didn’t either. His actual name is Jacob Chansley, not that anyone actually cares. 

Wait…What happened to him?

Chansley is a far right activist currently situated in  prison. He got there like all of the other unstable idiots part of Qanon’s weirdo following. Now, he’s created one thousand unique NFTs from “QAnon Shaman” to an orange jumpsuit character. The half-arsed horned characters proved to be a total hit with the Trump NFT crew. They sold a grand total of 37 out of 1000. Impressive.

The series contains “never before seen images of Jacob donning crypto apparel”. The series, in their own words exists to “spark a productive and thoughtful discourse.” Well it seems like one possible reason. It’s not like he needs the money behind bars or anything.

Truthfully, art is absolutely subjective. On the other hand; numbers don’t lie. At least right now, his half-baked NFTs are as wanted as his opinion. Fortunately, the public are just ignoring Trump NFTs in general. Luckily, that also seems to include his conspiracy theorist nonsense. 

If you would like to hear more news about Trump loving idiots and their NFTs, then good luck because it’s incredibly hard to find the link for this collection! If you can’t help yourself you call always settle for Melania’s.

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