Twitch Streamer Alinity jumps on the NFT bandwagon after Amouranth’s success

Alinity is a successful Twitch streamer, she is not unaffiliated with being in headlines. She mostly creates gaming and cooking content with a mixture of beauty. Alinity has 173,000 plus followers on Youtube and her most watched video racks over 350, 000 viewers. The streamer recently teased an idea regarding NFTs. 


Some of you may be aware of another streamer, Amourath. Amourath has been one of the most popular creators on Twitch’s entire platform. The two are in a very similar line of content creation. Amourath created an NFT in part of a line called OnlyPunk. The NFT is a pixelated jpeg picture of Amourath and earnt over €125,000 with the auction. Bids started at €1000 and quickly escalated. 

Credit- Alinity:Twitch

Considering Amourath’s success it is no surprise that other streamers and Youtubers are interested in getting involved. When asked by Quqco Alinity said “I might be doing one.” When probed about which companies she was thinking about going with, she said “I’m talking with some company, you know the company that Amouranth did the NFT? I’m talking to them.” 


Whilst talks between Alinity and her chosen company are evidently just beginning, we will have to wait for more information. However, I am sure that once they have decided on a direction they will be quick to make her audience aware. 


In conclusion, it is exciting that a variety of creators and entertainers are getting involved with NFTs. The amount of creatives using and evolving this technology will only push it further. Some people may personally not like certain NFTs, but on the other hand the more experimentation regarding design and concepts behind the creations is only positive.


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